Process Development Services

Process equals Quality

From the selection of method for protein expression and designing/establishment of production method to GMP manufacturing

We have developed production processes for many biopharmaceuticals at Yokohama Development Center. Taking advantage to our vast CMO experience, we will establish your critically important pharmaceutical production process while proposing steps that allow cost reduction. We can be ready for manufacturing clinical trial materials in a short period of time thanks to our know-how of scale-up production and GMP manufacturing technology.

AGC employs project management systems from early development stages so that experienced staff can manage development projects appropriately to establish processes early on in consideration of upcoming commercial production. Furthermore, engineers experienced in GMP manufacturing will propose pertinent development plans to deal with various potential issues that may arise during process development.

With regard to protein analysis technology essential for process development, we will solve issues that may occur during process development quickly by combining a variety of analytical instruments while responding to your requests.

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