R&D Structure

This is the organization structure of AGC Asahi Glass R&D Division.
AGC Asahi Glass R&D aims for more competitive and innovative core technology, and development of new products. The "Innovative Technology Research Center" challenges the creation of innovative core technologies, and assumes responsibility for the support of product development through the advanced common fundamental technologies. The "New Product R&D Center" promotes the creation of new products and resolution of technical problems of existing products. The "Production Technology Division" is responsible for development and improvement of production facilities. As of January 2017, the "Float Technology Promotion Division" which transversely controlled fundamental technology platforms in the glass business was added, and thus six organizations and R&D divisions in the Technology General Division including the "Planning Division" and "Intellectual Property Division" are pursuing R&D responsively and adaptively with the attitude to "Connect Market and Development," while they work closely with each other.

(As of January 1, 2016)