These window films reduce an indoor temperature rise by reflecting infrared sunlight with a thin metallic coating. With extremely low ultraviolet transmittance, these films can be used for UV protection purposes. In addition, the films are optimal for architectural and vehicle use for their high visible light transmittance and anti-scattering function.


  • For buildings
  • For vehicles

Simply attach it to your window, it ensures safety, comfort, and energy saving!

Simply attach it to your window with water to increase your comfort and safety

This product keeps the temperature at a comfortable level without obstructing the transparency of the glass

The thin coating of metal on the surface of the film significantly reduces the amount of infrared radiation from the sun, decreasing the amount of heat passing through the glass. It achieves this while maintaining the transparency of the glass.

It is an environmentally friendly product which is easy on the wallet, while enhancing cooling performance

It helps save energy in summer, reducing heat and increasing comfort

Achieve a safer environment

It blocks over 99% of harmful ultraviolet rays. If the glass is broken, the film prevents glass fragments from scattering during disasters such as an earthquake or a tornado


  • It cuts near infrared radiation significantly, reduces heat during the summertime, and helps making the room cooler.
  • By cutting over 99% of the ultraviolet rays, it prevents sunburn and color fading of household furniture, etc.
  • A film with extremely high transparency which has visible light transmittance of approximately 74% (*1).
  • It prevents glass from scattering and penetration of flying objects (penetration performance meets JIS A 5759).
  • *Calculated in accordance with JIS A 5759 on the condition that the film is attached to the transparent glass with a thickness of 1.3mm (manufactured by AGC)
  • X-3 has a film thickness of approximately 120μm, and HX-3 has a film thickness of approximately 70μm.