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Asahi Glass produces fluorinated chemicals containing perfluoroalkyl units from the route of basic raw materials -salt, fluorspar-- through the derivative of tetrafluoroethylene. These perfluoroalkyl units have a linear and rigid structure and accordingly easily make a highly ordered state. Due to such a characteristic, Asahi Glass's perfluoroalkyl chemicals realize lowering surface tension and heat resistance, thereby significantly improving end-product effectiveness for the customer.

Asahi Glass's perfluoroalkyl chemical line-up has a wide range of water and oil repellent finishes, surfactants and mold releasing agents which have been satisfying the various requirements of our customers over the years.

Not only do our perfluoroalkyl derivative products provide our customers with outstanding performance, we also actively promote joint development programs, working closely with the customer from the earliest stages to the final product, under appropriate agreements.

We welcome the opportunity to help you meet your needs, too!

Water & Oil Repellent
Asahi Guard (emulsion)

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