Fluoropolymers known as high functional resins have been making great contributions to industry. Polytetrafluoroethylene(PTFE) occupies 60-70% of the total demand for fluoropolymers. Although PTFE was discovered more than 60 years ago,because it has a wide service temperature range, high chemical resistance,high insulation,low friction,non-stick,long life and nonflammability,its application is being explored in new field.

Characteristics of Fluon PTFE

IUPAC Name Polytetrafluoroethylene CAS 9002-84-0
High Thermal Stability Usable over a wide tmperature range (-180?C-260?C)
Nonflammability Oxygen Index >95, V-0(UL-94 Method)
High Chemical Resistance Inert to almost all chemicals
Good Solvent Resistance Not affected by any solvent
Electrical Properties Low dielectric constant over a wide frequency range,and high insulating by any property.
Low Friction Minimum friction coefficient
Non-stick Highly non-stick and good mould release property
Long Life Not affected by outdoor use


  • Typical properties of Fluon PTFE
  • Granular Polymers (Moulding Powders :G grade)
  • Coagulated Dispersion Polymers (Fine Powders :CD grade)
  • Aqueous Dispersions (AD grade)
  • Lubricant Polymers (L grade)
  • Filled Compounds (FC grade)
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    We have subsidary companies to produce PTFE also in USA and UK.
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