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Corporate Profile



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Head Office:

1-5-1, Marunouchi,
Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-8405 JAPAN


September 8, 1907


June 1, 1950


90,873 million yen.

Outstanding stock:

1,186,705,905 shares (as of end of December 2016)


6,024 (as of December 31, 2016)

Board of Directors, Corporate Auditors and Executive Officers

1. Board of Directors

 Kazuhiko Ishimura (*)


 Takuya Shimamura (*)

President & CEO

 Yoshinori Hirai

Senior Executive Officer

 Shinji Miyaji

Senior Executive Officer

 Masahiro Sakane (**)

 Hiroshi Kimura (**)

 Masako Egawa (**)

(*) Representative Director,
(**) Independent Director

2. Corporate Auditors

Shukichi Umemoto (***)

Yasushi Marumori (***)

Toru Hara

Hiroshi Kawamura

(***) On a full-time basis

3. Executive Officers

President & CEO


 Takuya Shimamura

Executive Vice Presidents

Assistant to CEO

 Yoshiaki Tamura

Senior Executive Officers

President of Automotive Company

 Marehisa Ishiko

President of Building & Industrial Glass Company

 Jean-François Heris

GM of Technology General Division

 Yoshinori Hirai

Assistant to CEO

 Tetsuo Tatsuno

GM of Corporate Planning Division
GM of Export Compliance Control Directorate

 Shinji Miyaji

President of Electronics Company

 Yoshinori Kobayashi

President of Chemicals Company

 Masao Nemoto

Executive Officers

Senior Vice President of Building & Industrial Glass Company

 Tadayuki Oi

GM of General Affairs Division

 Shinichi Kawakami

President of AGC Ceramics Co., Ltd.

 Akinobu Shimao

GM of Innovative Technology Research Center, Technology General Div.

 Tomoya Takigawa

Assistant to CEO

 Takashi Shimbo

Chief Representative of AGC Group for Asia Pacific

 Kimikazu Ichikawa

Assistant to CEO

 Kazuyoshi Watanabe

Assistant to President of Automotive Company

 Kihachiro Okamoto

GM of Production Technology Div., Technology General Division

 Shigekuni Inoue

GM of New Product R&D Center , Technology General Division

 Hiroyuki Watanabe

Assistant to CEO

 Takayasu Ide

GM of Display Glass General Div., Electronics Company

 Seigo Washinoue

GM of Essential Chemicals General Div., Chemicals Company

 Kazuaki Koga

GM of Strategy & Planning Office, Corporate Planning Division

 Kenzo Moriyama

GM of Performance Chemicals General Div., Chemicals Company

 Takashizu Minato

Regional President for Asia Pacific, Building & Industrial Glass Company

 Masahiro Takeda

GM of Human Resources Division

 Takashi Misu

Regional President for Americas, Automotive Company

 Tatsuo Sugiyama

GM of Electronic Materials General Div., Electronics Company

 Takahisa Sugiyama

Regional President for Europe, Automotive Company

 Jean-Marc Meunier

GM of Business Development Division

 Naoki Sugimoto

GM of Purchase & Logistics Division

 Fumiaki Hayashi

Senior Vice President of Automotive Company

 Katsufumi Yajima

GM of Finance & Control Division

 Toshiro Kasuya

GM of Technology Management General Div., Chemicals Company

 Tadashi Hiraoka

(Abbreviation)"GM": General Manager

*As of January 1, 2017

Consolidated Financial Highlights

Fiscal 2016 Consolidated Financial Results (IFRS)
Net Sales 1,282.6 billion yen Profit for the year attributable to owners of the parent 47.4 billion yen
Operating profit 96.3 billion yen Total assets 1,981.5 billion yen
Operating profit margin 7.5% Total equity 1,168.7 billion yen

*Year ended December 2016

[Information by Geographic Segment]

Information by Geographic Segment map

  The Americas Europe Japan & Asia
Number of employees Approx. 4,300 Approx. 16,700 Approx. 30,000
Net Sales 146.2 billion yen 291.9 billion yen 881.6 billion yen
Operating profit 6.4 billion yen 8.9 billion yen 110.5 billion yen
·Flat Glass
·Automotive Glass
·Electronic Materials
·Flat Glass
·Automotive Glass
·Flat Glass
·Automotive Glass
·Display Glass
·Electronic Materials

*Year ended December 2016
*Sales and operating income by geographic area are before eliminations; therefore, the total amounts of sales and operating income for geographic areas do not agree with total sales and operating income of the AGC Group.

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