CSR-Related Policies

The AGC Group’s Approach to CSR

In order to fulfill the tenets of “Our Mission,” “Our Shared Values” and “Our Spirit” as outlined in the Group Vision “Look Beyond” the AGC Group endeavors to foster trust, meet the expectations of the community, and contribute to the creation of a sustainable society. Further, the Group utilizes ISO 26000, an international standard on social responsibility as a guideline for its global CSR activities in order to establish the AGC Group Charter of Corporate Behavior.

In addition, the AGC Group works to permeate “Look Beyond” its Group Vision and the source of its CSR, through the entire Group with a range of education efforts, as well as through distributing posters, “Vision Books” and its group newsletter, “We are AGC!”. The Group reviews the degree of propagation through ES Surveys implemented at regular intervals. The Group also appropriately implements the permeation of its Group Vision at new sites. For example, a Group Vision information session was conducted by AGC Asahi Glass executive officers at Phu My Plastics & Chemicals Co., Ltd. of Vietnam(Present name; AGC Chemicals Vietnam Co., Ltd).

The AGC Group Vision Overview

AGC Group Vision

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Our Mission

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AGC Group Vision and Policies

AGC Group Vision and Policies

AGC Group Charter of Corporate Behavior

(Established on June 1, 2007 and revised on March 9, 2016)

Under the tenet of “Our Mission” in the Group vision, “Look Beyond” the AGC Group strives to be a company trusted by all of its stakeholders, a company that meets the expectations of the world business community to grow and develop responsibly and a company that significantly contributes to a healthier global society. To this end, the Group has established the AGC Group Charter of Corporate Behavior and acts in line with the following principles.

Integrity: Sincere Behavior

  1. The AGC Group will develop and provide useful goods and services of superior quality, giving due consideration to safety and the environment, and will strive for customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  2. The AGC Group will understand and comply with applicable laws and regulations of the countries and regions in which it does business and will respect international norms of behavior.
  3. The AGC Group will promote fair trade and conduct its operations in accordance with the principle of fair competition and all applicable laws and regulations.
  4. The AGC Group will maintain sound relationships with government agencies and other responsible organizations. The Group will not support any person or group that threatens the order and security of society.
  5. The AGC Group will properly manage and safeguard its own proprietary information, intellectual property, and other assets and will respect the property rights and interests of others including customers and business partners.

Environment and Safety: With Due Consideration

  1. The AGC Group regards environmental conservation as an essential responsibility of global citizens and will proactively contribute to the development of a sustainable society.
  2. The AGC Group will pursue technological innovations and new product developments that reflect due consideration for the environment and will participate in activities to preserve the environment and safety and security at work.
  3. The AGC Group will maintain its workplaces with a proper regard to occupational health and safety for the people related to its business activities.

Diversity: Respect for People

  1. The AGC Group will respect human rights and will operate its business with due regard for the cultures and customs of each country and region in the world.
  2. The AGC Group will respect people's diverse capabilities and personal dignity and will create fair and open environments at its workplaces without discrimination based on race, ethnicity, religion, nationality, gender, disability, or any other legally protected group.
  3. The AGC Group will not engage in forced labor or child labor and will not tolerate infringements of human rights.

Harmony with Society: From “Responsibility” to “Reliability”

  1. The AGC Group will strive to be a trusted corporate citizen, fulfilling its responsibilities to the communities in which it does business.
  2. The AGC Group will build productive and proper relationships with business partners and encourage them to adhere to business principles consistent with its own.
  3. The AGC Group will communicate responsibly with customers, local citizens, shareholders, employees, and other members of society by gathering their opinions and disclosing information in a fair and appropriate manner.

The managements of all AGC Group companies, recognizing that it is their responsibility to realize the spirit of this Charter, will take the initiative to achieve an understanding of the Charter within all Group companies, and at the same time, will seek its business partners' cooperation.

The managements will also promote the development and implementation of systems that the principles stipulated in this Charter can be duly incorporated into the Group's decision making and implementation.

In the case of any behavior contrary to the principles of this Charter, we will work to identify the cause and prevent a recurrence, making it clear to those inside and outside Group companies that the situation is being addressed diligently. We will take appropriate corrective and disciplinary actions when necessary.

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