Communication with Stakeholders

The corporate behavior of the AGC Group is based in its relations, not only with customers, but with all stakeholders, including shareholders, investors, business partners, governments, NPOs/NGOs, local communities, and employees and their families.

To that end, in order to facilitate stakeholder expectations and trust, the Group promotes bilateral communication, in part by establishing various opportunities to utilize comments received from its stakeholders in its management plans.

In addition, in order to accurately transmit Group information globally, the AGC Group has established the Group Communication Guidelines, and has set up a system of collaboration between the public relations divisions of Group companies in Asia including Japan, Europe and North America, as well as rules regarding the transmission and receipt of information both within and outside the Group. With regard to the timely disclosure of company information, a system has been established through which supervisors nominated from each In-house Company/SBU and major Group companies obtain and release information through the Corporate Communications and IR Office. In addition, negative information is also appropriately disclosed on its website and via the media.

AGC Group Communication with Stakeholders

AGC Group Communication with Stakeholders

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Communication Tools for Each Type of Stakeholder

The AGC Group possesses a variety of communication tools for stakeholders, such as booklets that introduce the Group, a newsletter for shareholders, and an official website.
In addition, since 2013, the Group has operated an official AGC Asahi Glass Facebook
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in Japanese and English as a bilateral communication tool that utilizes SNS (social networking services). Through this page, in addition to information related to products and exhibitions, stakeholders are given information about the AGC Group’s CSR initiatives.

Main Communication Tools Used to Reach Each of Our Stakeholders

Main Communication Tools Used to Reach Each of Our Stakeholders

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Feedback from Stakeholders via the Website

The AGC Group welcomes your opinions and comments regarding the AGC Report and the CSR homepage via our website.

As of October 2015, the Group had received 439 responses regarding the AGC Report 2015 and the CSR homepage.

We take these responses into account to further improve our CSR activities, and use them in the creation of our reports and website.

Comments on the AGC Report 2015

Comments on the AGC Report 2015

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