Customer Satisfaction

Pursuit of Customer Satisfaction (CS)

The AGC Group has made “Incorporating the concept of CS into daily work processes” a business fundamental and encourages all employees to work to enhance customer satisfaction through their daily work under this slogan. CS is an abbreviation for customer satisfaction, but the term is not limited to customers who are consumers in the marketplace. The Group includes in its definition of customers “people and organizations who receive benefit (value) from the outcome of work,” such as products and information, within the work process of the Group.

In concrete terms, various kinds of measures led by each In-house Company are implemented in order to realize customer satisfaction, along with stratified training programs on customer satisfaction and other proactive initiatives aimed at ingraining the spirit of CS in the AGC Group’s corporate culture.

Chemicals Company

CS Customer Service Response

In order to make prompt and effective responses to customers’ inquiries, the Chemicals Company established its Customer Service Team. The team responds to a wide variety of customer issues, averaging over 3,000 inquiries annually concerning products, quality, the environment, chemical substances used in products, and CSR.

The Chemicals Company has compiled an online database of past inquiries for each product. Group to make more prompt and effective responses to customers. Understanding customers through this process has allowed the Group to identify potential needs for the development of new products.

Implementing Full-Scale CS Training

The AGC Group has established various customer satisfaction (CS) training programs—such as training based on the needs of each division and specialized courses to provide personnel the opportunity to consider CS—in order to provide higher added value to customers by incorporating the concept of CS into our daily work process. The Group also includes CS as an important topic in stratified training programs to ensure that CS is appreciated among all of its members. To date, a total of 7,978 employees have participated in training programs aimed at incorporating the concept of CS into daily work processes (excluding divisional programs).

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