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Product Safety

Material Issues for the AGC Group

The AGC Group has introduced a CSR Monitoring Framework based on ISO 26000. Accordingly, the Group provides information for stakeholders via its CSR Website and other means, reporting on its targets and results in connection with the material issues specified in the Matrix of CSR Issues designated in this monitoring framework, namely “Issues for which a framework is to be developed and a commitment made to society”.

The AGC Group has examined the materiality of each issue by corresponding to Related Actions and Expectations of ISO 26000, and designated selected material issues to correspond to the ISO 26000 core subjects of Consumer Issues. The reasons for selecting these material issues are as follows.

Material Issues Corresponding to the ISO 26000 Core Subject of Consumer Issues

Issue Related actions and expectations
Protecting consumers' health and safety
  • Under normal and reasonably foreseeable conditions of use, provide products that are safe for users and other persons, their properties and the environment
  • Assess the adequacy of laws, regulations and standards regarding health and safety (if a response is necessary, it should exceed the minimum safety requirements)
  • Avoid the use of harmful chemicals in product development. If such chemicals must be included, products should be clearly labeled
  • Assess and disclose information regarding human health risks before the introduction of new materials, technology or production methods
  • Convey vital safety information to consumers using symbols
  • Provide consumers with instructions regarding proper use of products and warnings about the risks that use may entail

Reasons for Selection of Material Issues

In recent years, as safety consciousness of society grows, the level of consumer product safety required by society has continued to rise.

As a materials manufacturer, the AGC Group is aware that promoting solid initiatives for product safety with regard to its own products is important to its business activities.

Management Approach (Organizational Management Methods)

The AGC Group builds effective management systems and promotes efforts regarding material issues based on shared Group policies.

Related Policies, Rules and Regulations

Promotion Systems

Results of 2015 Activities

The following charts show the AGC Group’s 2015 results, self-evaluation, and 2016 targets in connection with its material issues. For detailed information on each activity and other initiatives related to Consumer Issues, please refer to the respective Web pages (accessible via the links in the upper right).

Criteria for Self-evaluation

A: Satisfactory level, in which the intended target has been achieved
B: Almost satisfactory level, in which a part of the intended target has not yet been achieved and some issues still remain
C: Unsatisfactory level, in which the intended target has not been achieved

2015 targets 2015 major initiative results Self-
2016 targets
Improvement of risk management capabilities with regard to product safety   A Improvement of risk management capabilities with regard to product safety
  • Improve risk management capabilities with regard to product quality
  • Implement preventive actions with regard to issues that greatly affect business.
  • Identified the products and processes which each business division should focus on, set themes tailored to its business content, and improved the level of management.
  • Improved management level of the Group by conducting an in-house inspection of management at sites in Japan, based on "Performance Standards Relating to the Consumer Product Safety Act"
  • Implemented design review system with more effective preventative measures and education on product safety, using FMEA and risk assessment
  • One serious incident involving a Group product occurred in Japan (impossible to determine whether or not the incident was due to the product)
  • Improve risk management capabilities with regard to product quality
  • Conduct preventative measures in light of possible effects on business performance and risk to the Group's reputation

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