Global Promotion of Diversity

Towards the Promotion of Diversity

Based on its management outlook and strategies for business and technology, in 2011 the AGC Group drafted a big picture of its organization and human resources in 2020 with the intent of drawing on its diversity—the source of the Group’s competitiveness over the long term. After calculating workforce necessary by business and country to implement strategies towards the Group’s Aspirations for 2020, the Group has established mid- and long-term priority issues: securing global leaders, securing core talent in China, and developing local management in Southeast Asia. The Group has shared these issues with regional human resource departments, and is promoting measures in alignment with them.

Going forward, the Group will strive to promote the diversity considered vital to the realization of the AGC Group’s “Vision 2025,” which was released in February 2016.

Participating in a Project in which Everyone Respects Diversity

Simone Goncalves Cardoso Purchasing Manager AGC Glass Brazil

Simone Goncalves Cardoso
Purchasing Manager AGC Glass Brazil

I joined the AGC Glass Brazil launch project in 2011. As a purchasing manager, I was in charge of reducing costs and making preparations for manufacturing at the outset of operations. During that time, I always appreciated the four shared values of the Group—innovation and operational excellence, diversity, the environment, and integrity.

Working as a member of the project with AGC employees from 13 different countries, I was especially impressed by the amount of diversity, which is one of our values, as we shared experiences and respected each other’s ideas while learning new things. To carry out our project, it was passion and dedication that mattered—one’s ethnicity, nationality or gender made no difference at all. All members focused on the same goal of making the project a success.

For me, participating in the project was my most satisfying professional experience up until now, and I feel very proud to have played a part in such a big challenge.

Hiring Diverse Personnel Globally

In line with mid- to long-term priority issues based on the big picture of organization and human resources in 2020, the AGC Group is working to reinforce its recruitment capabilities worldwide, not simply within Japan. As part of this initiative, the Group has created a project team from European, American and Asian Human Resources personnel which examines and promotes the reinforcement of global employer branding. In July 2014, the team launched a standard recruiting home page for Japan, Europe and Thailand, featuring a consistent brand message for the AGC Group.

In addition, since 2010, AGC Asahi Glass has stepped up efforts to hire Japanese and foreign students graduated from overseas universities and foreign students graduated from universities in Japan when hiring new graduates for career-track positions. AGC Asahi Glass also set its target hiring percentage for foreign nationals at 10% of the whole, by proactively participating in recruitment seminars for foreign students studying in Japan. AGC Asahi Glass is also working to hire students whose first language is not Japanese. In the fiscal 2015 new graduate recruitment activities, the Group hired two foreign nationals, but the hiring ratio of foreign nationals remained at 3.3%.

In addition, Southeast Asia is an important location in AGC’s business strategy. In order to accelerate new business and market development at AGC Asia Pacific, a local holding company established in 2013, the Group is strengthening recruitment of ambitious, highly capable talent from both inside and outside the region.

The recruiting webpage for Japan

The recruiting webpage for Japan

The recruiting webpage for Europe

The recruiting webpage for Europe

Foreign Nationals Hired during New Graduate Recruitment for Career-Track Positions (AGC Asahi Glass)

Fiscal Year Exchange students in Japan Graduates of Overseas Universities
2013 6 1
2014 2 1
2015 2 0

Grooming Global Leaders to Manage Diverse Human Resources

It is essential for managers at the helm of a global enterprise to possess well-rounded leadership qualities. Therefore, to cultivate managers who can drive the Group forward, the AGC Group is grooming employees on a global level as well as from diverse countries and regions regardless of nationality or gender as future leaders through the training system outlined in the chart below.

In addition, in order to promote the localization of business management for Group companies in each region, the Group identifies leaders who are fit to shoulder future management from all over the world. It then promotes Group-wide training courses and on-site training to give them an understanding of Group management strategy, and the skills and experience to manage the business.

In 2015, the Group reviewed its talent development program in Asia and introduced an individual development program for leaders nominated from AGC University Asia graduates. Through these activities, the Group promoted talent development to meet the needs of each Group company.

The AGC Group's Leader Training Programs

The AGC Group's Leader Training Programs

Women’s Career Development

The AGC Group is promoting the career development of its female members in accordance with the principle of conducting global management without regard to gender, as declared in the “Diversity” section of its “Look Beyond” Group Vision. Moreover, guided by the AGC Group Charter of Corporate Behavior, the Group is striving to create fair and open environments at its workplaces without discrimination based on gender or any other legally protected group.

As examples of this approach, the AGC Group has appointed a woman serving as outside director on its Board of Directors. In addition, AGC Asahi Glass is actively employing women while making efforts to create a workplace environment that facilitates the career development of its female employees.

Percentage of Women in Management Positions (AGC Group)

FY Proportion of female employees
2014 2.4%
2015 2.9%

(Note) The figure was calculated based on data for 95% of all management positions group-wide, covering Asia including Japan, Europe and South America, but excluding North America.

AGC Group

Incorporating Women’s Perspectives in a Project to Develop UV Verre PremiumTM Series of UV Ray Blocking Glass

In response to female drivers’ concerns about ultraviolet (UV) rays, the AGC Group developed the tempered automotive door glass UV Verre PremiumTM in 2010. This product is a highly innovative tempered glass for automotive front door windows that cuts about 99% of UV rays.

The team that developed the product was mainly comprised of female employees. It conducted qualitative research to identify the needs of female drivers, who are growing in number in Japan. The research found that many respondents were concerned about exposure to UV when driving. The team then incorporated these views in the promotion of the product, including campaigns incorporating UV meter demonstrations at car dealers and a “365 Days of UV Blocking” website providing information about UV rays.

Since its sales release, UV Verre PremiumTM has been highly praised by various car manufacturers and widely adopted in many types of vehicles. Along with this product, the AGC Group launched UV Verre Premium Cool onTM in 2012 as a glass that also blocks infrared rays.

In response to mothers’ needs to protect their children from UV rays, UV Verre Premium PrivashieldTM has been adopted for use in rear doors and rear windows as well. By using this with front door glass UV Verre Premium Cool on™ and windshield glass LAMISAFE™ or Cool Verre™, consumers can enjoy an approximately 99% UV cut for all windows, protecting the skin of not only the driver and front seat passenger, but also the rear seat passengers. The Skin Cancer Foundation, a leading American international organization in the field of skin cancer, has certified these products as meeting the standards of UV cut glass.

The AGC Group plans to continue providing added safety, security and comfort to society based on its management policy, AGC plus , by providing products that contribute to the improvement of comfort.


A car equipped with the “UV Verre Premium(TM)” Series of glass windows

A car equipped with the “UV Verre PremiumTM” Series of glass windows

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