Improving Employee Satisfaction

Surveys and Other Initiatives for Improving Employee Satisfaction (ES)

The AGC Group implements Employee Satisfaction (ES) improvement activities that allow employees to explore ways to cultivate an improved corporate climate in collaboration with management, including the Group’s executives, applying the concepts of effective communication and employee participation. These initiatives are also an effort to incorporate ES approaches such as expansion of opportunities for growth and success, appropriate evaluation and treatment into daily management.

Since 2005, the Group conducts ES Surveys targeted at employees of Group companies worldwide. Each three-year survey cycle allows the Group to confirm the effectiveness of its policies to improve ES and serves as a starting point for conversations on a changing organizational climate. The three-year cycle is divided as follows: in the first year, the ES Survey is carried out. In the second year, an action plan is formulated at meetings in each department based on the survey results. In the third year, policies formed on the basis of the plan are put into practice, and their effectiveness is assessed through the subsequent ES Survey. By repeating the PDCA cycle through these activities, the Group aims to form a benevolent cycle that leads to growth of the Group and its employees.

The most recent ES Survey was conducted in 2013 across 19 languages. It was determined through regularly-asked questions that improvements have been realized since the previous iteration. The next survey will be carried out in November 2016.

ES Survey Respondents

  Eligible employees Respondents Response rate
First survey
(conducted in July 2005)
9,247 8,435 91%
Second survey
(conducted in November 2007)
40,100 31,126 78%
Third survey
(conducted in November 2010)
39,055 31,729 81%
Fourth survey
(conducted in November 2013)
40,321 33,214 82%

Respondents by Region/Job (4th ES Survey)

Respondents by Region/Job (4th ES Survey)

ES Survey Question Items

Employee Initiative
  1. Clear and Promising Direction
  2. Confidence in Leadership
  3. Quality and Customer Focus
  4. Respect and Recognition
  5. Development Opportunities
  6. Compensation
Employee Enablement
  1. Performance Management
  2. Authority and Empowerment
  3. Resources
  4. Collaboration
  5. Work Efficiency

AGC Group

ES Improvement Measures Developed Globally

Based on the results of the ES Survey implemented globally across the AGC Group, ES improvement activities are being developed in each country and region in line with the action plans formulated at each Group workplace.

AGC Chemicals Americas, Asahimas Chemical
Improving Employee Motivation through Independent Awards Systems

The team who received the award (ASC)

The team who received the award (ASC)

Since 2011, AGC Chemicals Americas (ACA) has implemented an awards system to recognize employees’ superior achievements and contributions to the company.

One such award, the ACA President’s Award, is very similar to and linked to the AGC Group CEO Award. The award system’s goal is the creation of a positive corporate culture that mutually recognizes the contribution and efforts of its members, and awards are given on three levels—gold, silver and bronze—in six categories.

In 2015 there were 14 nominations in a range of categories, winning five bronze awards for cost savings, employee wellness and technical innovation and performance, six silver awards for safety, teamwork improvement, cost reduction and business development, and one gold award for new technology and business development. The many awards received were a reflection of the number of employees who contributed to a positive corporate culture this year.

The awards system encourages proactive participation by employees: calls for applications are made at company-wide meetings, and a management team selects matters that are potential candidates for awards and invites employees to apply. In the future, ACA plans to further increase the number of applications by streamlining the application forms to be simpler and more effective.

Another evaluation-based awards system for improvement activities was established at Indonesia’s Asahimas Chemicals (ASC) in 2012, with awards given in the categories of “productivity improvement” and “operational improvement.” The goals of this system are to have employees create improvement proposals and themes designed to facilitate ASC’s growth and—after implementing these proposals—announce their achievements to management, and to raise employees’ motivation by establishing a highly transparent evaluation-based incentives system.

Also in 2015, ASC management launched the Create Kaizen Culture initiative in order to strengthen the company’s philosophy of continuous improvement. The new coaching method adopted by the TEO (Training Education Office) specified groups showing outstanding progress with minimum coaching to be "independence groups". These groups are to be checked and monitored only twice a year, whereas slower groups (called “dependence groups”) will be coached more frequently and intensively. The aim of the program is to foster a greater number of independence groups to better disseminate the kaizen (improvement) culture through the company.

At the end of period (year end), the TEO office measured the “Independency Index” (index of improvement culture) of groups and employees. The result shows that 45% had achieved independence already. In 2016 the target of “independency Index” is increased to 60% (ASC).

Establishment of the AGC Group Awards System

Awards Page on the Intranet

Awards Page on the Intranet

The AGC Group has set up a system for offering CEO awards with the goal of creating a positive corporate culture that recognizes the contributions and efforts of its members. Awards ceremonies are held in three regions—Asia (including Japan), Europe, and North America—and information on the winning activities is shared via the intranet website.

In 2015, the Group presented 119 awards. The situation regarding awards in the Group has improved recently through the standardization of the award system across the Group. In 2015, Gold Awards were first awarded in North America and Brazil.

Commendations Awarded across the AGC Group and Numbers Thereof in 2015

Type Number
“Look Beyond” Award 1
Excellent Quality Improvement Plant Award 8
Excellent Cost Reduction Plant Award 8
New Business/New Market Development Award 14
Excellent Business Support System Award 25
Technical Innovation & Performance Award 28
KAIZEN Award 15
Enhancement and Transfer of Technologies & Skills Award 7
Excellent Occupational Health and Safety Award 4
Environmental Contribution Award 4
Diversity Award 5
Integrity Award 0
Total 119

Total Number of Awards Won

FY Number of Awards
2013 138
2014 127
2015 119

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