Human Resources Management

Human Resources Management

To continuously evolve as a truly global enterprise, the AGC Group has set the 7 Key Principles for People to guide its various initiatives and activities aimed at realizing progressive human resources management.

AGC Group “7 Key Principles for People”

The AGC Group wishes to pursue these principles as the foundation of our “7 Key Principles for People” to maximize our performance as a truly global corporation.

Implementation of “Look Beyond”

AGC Group requires all employees to commit to our Shared Values of “Look Beyond”—Our four Shared Values: Innovation & Operational Excellence, Diversity, Environment, and Integrity

Diversity for Organizational Competitiveness

AGC Group builds teams of diverse people who support our four Shared Values of “Look Beyond” and have the abilities to contribute to organizational competitiveness.

Development and Growth

AGC Group encourages employees to grow and provides them with opportunities for self-development.

Job Satisfaction and Pride

AGC Group encourages employees to achieve their goals so that they feel a sense of pride and satisfaction in their work.

Work Environment and Conditions

AGC Group provides a safe and healthy work environment.

Open Communication

AGC Group emphasizes open communication in the workplace to create a better organizational climate.

Evaluation, Recognition and Rewarding Performance

AGC Group evaluates and recognizes employees who contribute to the organization and rewards their contributions.

Number of Group Employees by Region (AGC Group)

(as of December 31, 2015)

Number of Group Employees by Region (AGC Group)

Human Resource Management System (AGC Asahi Glass)

AGC Asahi Glass manages employees fairly in consideration of their abilities and performance. We aim to provide our diverse range of employees with the systems and environments necessary to help them perform their jobs, without discrimination based on gender, age, or disability. For that reason, we clarify employees’ roles, functions and responsibilities, and utilize and evaluate capable employees fairly regardless of age, length of service or gender.

Number of Employees at AGC Asahi Glass

As of December 31, 2015 excluding those dispatched to other Group companies

Classification Male Female Total Percentage of Female
Managers 1,900 106 2,006 5.3%
Non-Managers Career-track positions 663 141 804 17.5%
Shop-floor workers 2,602 66 2,668 2.5%
Clerical positions 19 476 495 96.2%
Subtotal 3,284 683 3,967 17.2%
Total 5,184 789 5,973 13.2%

Employee-Related Data of AGC Asahi Glass

As of December 31, 2015

  Male Female Total
Average age 42 40 42
Average length of service 18 years 13 years 17 years
Average overtime working hours 19.2 hours/month
(average for members of the labor union)
Percentage of paid leave taken 90.5%
(average for members of the labor union)

Number of Employee Retiring (AGC Asahi Glass)

Period: April 2015 to March 2016 - excluding employees retiring upon reaching mandatory retirement age

  Number of people
Retirees 184

Retention Rate of New Employees (AGC Asahi Glass)

Year of recruitment New recruits Retained
employees (Note 1)
Retention rate
2013 96 89 92.7%
  • (Note 1) As of April 2016

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