Occupational Health & Safety

Basic Idea of Occupational Health & Safety

The AGC Group has formulated the AGC Group Basic Occupational Health & Safety Policy and promotes activities to reduce the number of occupational accidents and occupational illnesses by assessing potential risks at on-site, based on the occupational health and safety policy of “No production without safety.” Also, the Group is committed to enhancing the effectiveness of its activities by combining its daily health and safety activities (Note 1) with occupational health and safety management systems (OHSMS).

  • (Note 1) Health and safety conventional activities such as the 5S (seiri [sort], seiton [systematic arrangement], seiso [shine], seiketsu [standardize] and shitsuke [sustain]), hazard prediction, near-miss management (hiyari-hatto) and safety patrols

AGC Group Basic Occupational Health & Safety Policy

(Established on February 9, 2001 and revised on March 29, 2013)

Basic Policy

The AGC Group will manage its Occupational Health and Safety (hereinafter “OH & S”) under the policy of “ No Production without Safety” and all managers will ensure that the OH & S policy should be clearly understood and permeated throughout the Group and that all of the employees should be actively involved in the promotion of OH & S activities.

Guidelines for Occupational Health and Safety Activities

We will actively implement OH & S activities by addressing any possible issues on occupational accidents and illnesses to achieve continual improvement in our OH & S performance, based on the following guidelines.

  1. We will enhance the level of our Risk Assessments to promote effective use of our OHSMS.
  2. We will continue our conventional on-site safety activities without making them mere repetitive routine.
  3. Managers will treat their subordinates like a family member and ensure safety at workplaces.
    We will promote intrinsic safety of equipment, and look for continual improvement in the workplace environment.
  4. We will implement OH & S activities as a part of production line activities. The departments in charge of OH & S will provide necessary support for line management.
  5. e will comply with OH & S related laws and requirements.
  6. We will encourage proactive employee participation in all OH & S activities through open, honest and fair interactions and communication at workplaces.

The AGC Group's Health and Safety Management Initiatives

The AGC Group's Health and Safety Management Initiatives

(Note) Activities to comprehensively identify risks associated with facilities and work processes, to evaluate the risk levels, and to implement safety measures, prioritizing serious risks

Enhancement of Global Health and Safety Management System

The AGC Group is pushing ahead with health and safety activities by creating an occupational health and safety management system (OHSMS) in each business division, and regularly discusses at CSR Committee on its policies, measures and progress.

Also, the Group is urging each of its manufacturing plants to obtain certification from a third party OHSMS body, and, in addition, is taking steps to improve the management level of health and safety through internal audits conducted by the auditing division and each business division. Furthermore, the Group holds a Global Occupational Health and Safety Symposium on a regular basis with the participation of health and safety supervisors from various countries and regions, thereby disseminating best practices and deploying horizontal development at each manufacturing plant.

In 2013, in order to facilitate the integrated management of EHSQ (Environment, Occupational Health & Safety, and Quality) efforts across the Group as a whole, the AGC Group constructed and now operates the EHSQ Management System

Participation of Labor Union in Health and Safety Measures (AGC Asahi Glass)

AGC Asahi Glass is provided regular meeting opportunities between safety officers and employee representatives to ensure that the views of employees are reflected in health and safety measures.
Moreover, discussions on health and safety are regularly held at each site so the labor union can express their views on these issues. Committee meetings are also attended by business partners that work in relevant workplaces.

Occupational Health and Safety Management System

Occupational Health and Safety Management System

Number of Plants Obtaining Third-Party Certification for OHSMS

(As of the end of December 2015)

Coverage Number of certified plants
AGC Asahi Glass 2
Group companies in Japan 5
Group companies in Asia other than Japan 13
Group companies in Europe 55
Group companies in North America 0
Total 75

Current Situation Regarding Occupational Accidents

The AGC Group is developing a system for collecting the standardized occupational accident data of the Group, including its business partners, on a global basis.

The AGC Group has instituted corrective measures and horizontal deployment for occupational accident prevention. As a result, over the long-term accidents have trended downward, and in the past few years the number of incidents has leveled off.

Number of Occupational Accidents (AGC Group including Business Partners)


Number of Occupational Accidents (Japan)

Asia other than Japan

Number of Occupational Accidents (Asia other than Japan)


Number of Occupational Accidents (Europe)

North America

Number of Occupational Accidents (North America)

  • (Note) The assessment criteria for accidents requiring leave differ among Asia including Japan, Europe and North America, which disables the simple comparison of the numbers of occupational accidents among each region.
  • (Note) Accidents requiring leave have increased in Europe due to figures for new locations which have joined the AGC Group in 2013.

Number of Occupational Accidents in 2015 (Note 1)
(AGC Group including Business Partners in Asia including Japan)

  Japan Asia other than Japan Total
  Major sites (Note 1)
Fatalities 0(0) 0(0) 2(0) 2(0)
Accidents requiring leave 15(10) 8(5) 9(10) 24(20)
Accidents not requiring leave 13(16) 7(9) 8(6) 21(22)
Minor injuries - 31(26) - 31(26)
Total 59(52) 46(40) 19(16) 78(68)
  • (Note) The figures in parentheses represent the numbers of occupational accidents in 2014.
  • (Note 1) The numbers are totaled for AGC Asahi Glass and some Group companies in Japan

Trend in Frequency Rate for Accidents Requiring Leave
(AGC Asahi Glass including Business Partners)

Trend in Frequency Rate for Accidents Requiring Leave (Asahi Glass including Business Partners)

Trend in the Severity Rate of Accidents Requiring Leave
(AGC Asahi Glass including Business Partners)

  2014 2015
Entire manufacturing industry 0.09  
Japan Chemical Industry association members 0.120 0.007
AGC Asahi Glass 0.005 0.024

The Chemicals Company

Responsible Care Award Received for "Expanding Practical Safety Training into Asia"

The Chemicals Company is expanding its training in practical safety skills, which was previously only conducted at major plants in Japan, to Asia. In particular, the safety skills employed at the Chiba Plant in Japan are proving very helpful in creating a culture of safety specifically tailored to Indonesian needs at Asahimas Chemical (ASC) in Indonesia.
These efforts to promote safety were recognized at the Ninth Meeting of the Japan Chemical Industry Association in May 2015, where the Chemicals Company was presented with the Responsible Care Award. On receiving the award, ASC company director and plant manager Tadashi Hiraoka said: "These activities have had a major impact on safety awareness among all the employees at the plant, and I have noted significant changes in how employees are approaching their work. We also opened the training center to the local community and neighboring companies, which greatly improved our relations with them."
In the future, the Chemicals Company will continue to work towards improving safety in the workplace.

The Japan Chemical Industry Association award ceremony

The Japan Chemical Industry Association award ceremony

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