Environmental Products

Environmentally Conscious Product Design

Guided by the AGC Group Basic Environmental Policy, the AGC Group strives to develop and provide environmental products, technologies, services, and installation techniques in consideration of their impact on the environment.

Environmental product selection is implemented in accordance with the Group’s own standards, the AGC Group Environmental Product Guidelines. Using the Guidelines, products are ranked and evaluated through their entire lifecycle—from procurement to production, distribution and sale for usage and disposal—according to the categories in the Guidelines, including their contribution to energy conservation, low carbon emissions and reusable energy, their benefits to resource conservation, waste reduction, and the 3Rs, as well as their relation to environmental conservation, particularly as materials that reduce environmental load and incorporate anti-pollution countermeasures. In addition, products are also assessed for their compliance as environmental products from the perspectives of product safety and environmental information disclosure.

Environmental product selection

Main Environmental Products

Main Environmental Products

UV Verre Premium Privashield(TM)Leoflex(TM)Sunjoule(TM)Lightjoule(TM) AsahiGuard(TM) E-SERIES Fluon® PTFE E-SERIES Lumiflon(TM) Bonnflon(TM) Sunbarrier SUNMAX(TM) PREMIUM Fluon® ETFE FILM GCHP(TM) Fleomin(TM) Low-E Double Glazing Glass Tough Coore(TM) Coolverre(TM) UV Verre Premium Cool on(TM) X-3 Series

Energy-Saving Architectural Glass

Automotive Glass

Glass for Solar Power Generation

Eco-Friendly Vehicle-Related Components (Glass-Ceramics Substrates for High-Power LED Lighting)

Window Films

Fluorochemicals (Film / Coating Materials / Refrigerants)

Other Chemical Products

Fuel Cell-Related Materials and Components

Heat-shielding Paving Materials

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