Environment, Safety & Security Education

Reinforcing Environment, Safety & Security Education

The AGC Group conducts training and educational activities to raise employees’ awareness and understanding of issues related to the environment and industrial safety and security. Specifically, the Group implements environmental education grounded in the integrated EMS and tailored to the operations at each of its locations, while training in environmental issues and accident prevention is provided at the AGC Monozukuri Training Center.

In addition, with regard to environmental training, employees with highly specialized knowledge in environmental fields are identified using the Skill Map—an employee skills database implemented as part of human resources management—and brought together in an initiative intended to facilitate skill improvement in environmental management techniques and environment-related employee education. They have been meeting, holding lectures and attending field trips five or six times annually since 2011, furthering their understanding of recent environmental trends and environmental management techniques. In fiscal 2015, the Group employees in charge of education on the environment, industrial safety and security implemented education based on a "Know Why" collection of teaching materials that details relevant case studies and findings.

The AGC Group (Japan) is taking steps to raise the level of its industrial safety and security through emergency drills carried out at each site and a training conference for personnel in charge of industrial safety and security.

AGC Group (Japan)

The AGC ECO CLUB Supports the Ecological Activities of Employees and their Families

The AGC ECO CLUB Web page

The AGC ECO CLUB Web page

As company employees and their families also have a sizeable impact on the global environment in their everyday lives, it is important to actively contribute to environmental efforts and reduce environmental impact on a regular basis, both at work and in their personal life. With the goal of supporting such activities, the AGC Group (Japan) launched the AGC ECO CLUB in August 2011.

The AGC ECO CLUB welcomes members who are actively involved in environmental activities and meet certain criteria, such as having passed the Certification Test for Environmental Specialists (Eco Test) and practicing household accounting. The club also posts information on the AGC ECO CLUB website about household energy conservation initiatives and each plant’s environmental volunteer activities. In addition, the Group runs a matching gift program using revenue collected from the vending machines at Asahi Glass headquarters. In 2015, the Group continued to give collected donations to NGOs working to replant the coastal forests of Natori City, Miyagi Prefecture, which suffered catastrophic damage in the Great East Japan earthquake. In addition, Bellmark (a Japan-based charity labeling initiative using coupons) symbols collected by the AGC Group (Japan) were donated to NGOs that support forestation activities around the world, with a focus on developing nations.

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