Respect for Property Rights

Maintaining Information Security

In 2015, based on revisions to ISO 27000, the international standard for information security management systems, the AGC Group established the Information Security Policy. Based on this policy, which is shared across the entire Group, regional standards and guidelines grounded in the situations of each region were established for Europe, North America and Asia, including Japan. Therein, the Group promotes the protection of personal information and the appropriate storage, use and management of information assets. In addition, in the unlikely event of the loss, theft or leakage of those assets, systems based on the AGC Group Crisis Management Guidelines are in place to keep the resulting effects to a minimum.

In addition, the Group continuously and globally implements online training and self-assessments regarding information security levels, linking both of them to improvement initiatives.

Particularly in Asia, including Japan, meetings are held for persons in charge of information security, during which training and improvement initiatives are conducted, stemming from the results of the previous year’s self-assessments.

Further, “measures for preventing leaks of important confidential information” has been selected as one of the shared global priority items for internal audits. In addition to implementing audits of information security promotion systems, the Group implements regular inspections and assessments of network and intranet connection points, as well as the operation conditions of core IT infrastructure.

Self-Checks on Information Security

FY AGC Asahi Glass Group companies in Japan Group companies in Asia other than Japan Group companies in Europe Group companies in North America
2013 6,500 4,500 4,700 2,500 700
2014 6,400 4,600 4,800 5,000 1,400
2015 6,100 4,300 5,300 2,500 500
  • (Note) Approximate figures

Information Security Training

The AGC Group promotes information security training for its employees. In Asia including Japan, texts for classroom training on information security policy have been prepared in seven languages, and multimedia teaching materials using video and online training materials are uploaded to the company Intranet and made freely available to employees in each region.

Information security training is also implemented at AGC Asahi Glass as part of the training for new employees and mid-career workers.

Handling Intellectual Property Rights

The AGC Group regards intellectual property rights, such as patents, utility model rights, trademarks, and design rights and copyrights as important intangible assets. In addition to creating intellectual property as a vital business strategy resource, the Group works to protect and increase it, and promotes the use of intellectual property in order to heighten its competitive advantage.

For example, the Group globally files applications for inventions created at development sites in each country and works to acquire rights adapted to its business activities. Since the procedures for the protection of intellectual property differ by country, rights acquisition is conducted in cooperation with local patent attorney offices and Group companies. The Group also takes strict action on any infringements of its intellectual property rights by other companies in compliance with the local laws and regulations of each country.

In addition, in order to use the intellectual property rights held by the Group to promote intellectual property strategy linked to the business and brand strategies of each business division, intellectual property conferences attended by the heads of each business division are held regularly in each division.

The Group has also built systems, which include employee education, to respect the intellectual property rights of others and avoid any illegal infringements on these rights. The AGC Group continuously studies the intellectual property rights of others and checks to make sure it will not be violating other companies’ rights before new products are released or new business operations commence.

Cycle of Intellectual Property Creation

Cycle of Intellectual Property Creation

Employee Training Regarding Intellectual Property

The AGC Group emphasizes employee training regarding intellectual property from the dual perspective of adequately protecting its own rights and respecting the rights of others.

In Japan, the Group implemented online training, and also implemented intellectual property training for 70 technical employees, including those from Group companies, at the September 2015 training for new employees. At the AGC Monozukuri Training Center, all varieties of intellectual property training are provided for the employees of the AGC Group (Japan). In addition, as necessary, intellectual property training is promoted at each In-house Company, as well as the technical divisions and research divisions. Training in intellectual property is also implemented at overseas Group companies, tailored to suit local conditions.

Invention Reward System

AGC Asahi Glass has long had a substantial reward system for outstanding employee inventions that lead to value creation for customers. Similar systems are being prepared at Group companies in Japan.

In addition, rewards systems based on the legal framework in each country and region are being prepared overseas, in line with current local situations.

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