Fair Operating Practices: Material Issues

Material Issues for the AGC Group

The AGC Group has introduced a CSR Monitoring Framework based on ISO 26000. Accordingly, the Group provides information for stakeholders via its CSR Website and other means, reporting on its targets and results in connection with the material issues specified in the Matrix of CSR Issues designated in this monitoring framework, namely “Issues for which a framework is to be developed and a commitment made to society”.

The AGC Group has examined the materiality of each issue by corresponding to Related Actions and Expectations of ISO 26000, and designated selected material issues to correspond to the ISO 26000 core subjects of Fair Operating Practices. The reasons for selecting these material issues are as follows.

Material Issues Corresponding to the ISO 26000 Core Subjects of Fair Operating Practices

Issue Related actions and expectations
Promoting social responsibility in the value chain
  • Integrate ethical, social, environmental and gender equality criteria and health and safety in its purchasing, distribution and contracting policies
  • Carry out appropriate due diligence and monitoring of the organizations with which it has relationships

Reasons for Selection of Material Issues

Corporations look to ensure compliance with laws and regulations throughout their entire supply chain as they expand worldwide.

The Group recognizes the need to promote certain activities across its supply chain in order to resolve social issues stemming from human rights, labor practices and the environment.

Management Approach (Organizational Management Methods)

The AGC Group builds effective management systems and promotes efforts regarding material issues based on shared Group policies.

Related Policies, Rules and Regulations

Results of 2015 Activities

The following charts show the AGC Group’s 2015 results, self-evaluation, and 2016 targets in connection with its material issues. For detailed information on each activity and other initiatives related to Fair Operating Practices, please refer to the respective Web pages (accessible via the links in the upper right).

Criteria for Self-evaluation

A: Satisfactory level, in which the intended target has been achieved
B: Almost satisfactory level, in which a part of the intended target has not yet been achieved and some issues still remain
C: Unsatisfactory level, in which the intended target has not been achieved

2015 targets 2015 major initiative results Self-
2016 targets
Promote social responsibility across the supply chain   A Promote social responsibility across the supply chain
  • In addition to maintaining dissemination of the AGC Group Purchasing Policy and a grasp of compliance status with it, examine methods of confirming compliance status.
  • Sent the AGC Report 2015 to 239 business partners, and made the AGC Group Purchasing Policy public.
  • Conducted "Survey of CSR Implementation Status" at a number of Group companies in Asia
  • As part of the Group's quality auditing at certain suppliers, carried out field work on topics covered in the survey

Major Achievements in 2015

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