The AGC Group Code of Conduct

Compliance is the fundamental premise underlying the Group’s business activities. To that end, The AGC Group Code of Conduct sets forth requirements for all employees in the workplace. The code comprises global requirements of business conduct for all employees to follow regardless of country or region, as well as regional supplements that take into account the differing laws and business customs of respective countries and regions and include items to supplement the global requirements. By the end of May 2016, 13 editions of the AGC Group Code of Conduct had been issued in 19 languages.

Items for the AGC Group Code of Conduct Global Requirements

  1. Foundations for Compliance
  2. Fair Competition and Antitrust
  3. Workplace Health and Safety
  4. Environment
  5. Respect for People
  6. Quality and Safety of Products and Services
  7. Reports and Records
  1. Insider Trading
  2. Company and Third-Party Assets and Confidential Information
  3. Conflict of Interest
  4. Gifts and Entertainment
  5. Relations with Government Officials and Politicians
  6. International Trade Controls

The working regulations of each AGC Group company state that a violation of the Group Code of Conduct is grounds for disciplinary action. In addition, if an employee voluntarily reports his or her own Code of Conduct violation, these circumstances will be taken into account when determining disciplinary action.

The contents of Material Issues for CSR activities in the AGC Group (selected through the CSR monitoring framework based on ISO 26000) are related as follows to the respective Code of Conduct Global Requirement items.

Relation to Material Issues in the AGC Group CSR Activities

Material Issues
(ISO26000: Issue Base)
Corresponding code of conduct
Global Requirements
Decision-making processes and structures
  • 1. Foundations for Compliance
  • 7. Reports and Records
Conditions of work and social protection
  • 5. Respect for People
Health and safety at work
  • 3. Workplace Health and Safety
Human development and training in the workplace
  • 5. Respect for People
Prevention of pollution
  • 4. Environment
Sustainable resource use
  • 4. Environment
Climate change mitigation and adaptation
  • 4. Environment
  • 11. Gifts and Entertainment
  • 12. Relations with Government Officials and Politicians
Fair competition
  • 2. Fair Competition and Antitrust
Promoting social responsibility in the value chain
  • 4. Environment
  • 5. Respect for People etc.
Protecting consumers’ health and safety
  • 6. Quality and Safety of Products and Services

Establishment of Global Compliance System

Three compliance committees in the regions of Europe, North America and Asia including Japan have been established in the AGC Group under the Global Compliance Leader. These compliance committees plan, prepare and implement compliance programs and then monitor their regions’ compliance efforts. Further, Group-wide policies, measures and other matters are discussed at global compliance meetings, and the results are reported to the Board of Directors.

In accordance with guidelines of the compliance reporting system, serious violations of compliance are promptly reported to top management.

Global Compliance System

Global Compliance System

Submission of Personal Certification on the Code of Conduct

The AGC Group has introduced a system in which its employees periodically submit a personal certification to follow the AGC Group Code of Conduct. The goal of the system is to turn the submission of certifications into an opportunity for every single employee to renew their awareness of compliance and take a fresh look at business affairs and the workplace.

Globally Establishing Help Lines

The AGC Group has established several varieties of help lines to serve as consultation desks regarding compliance. As a general rule, help lines are set up at each company, while additional, common help lines are established in Europe, North America, China, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Singapore and Indonesia. In Japan, employees can contact external lawyers.

To encourage employees to use the help lines, the Group protects the anonymity of consultants and strictly forbids any act of retaliation against anyone who makes a report in good faith. When consultants offer their real names, efforts are made to facilitate effective two-way communication and provide feedback on the status and results of handling reported issues.

For the purpose of providing help line contact information, help line numbers are listed in the AGC Group Code of Conduct distributed to all employees. They are also publicized in each country and region through efforts such as placing posters displaying the numbers at each site.

Help Line Reporting Route (AGC Asahi Glass)

Help Line Reporting Route (AGC Asahi Glass)

Help Line Consultations in 2015

  • approx. 300

Implementing Compliance Training

In order to promote the Code of Conduct globally, the AGC Group provides various training opportunities to its employees around the world, and has placed particular emphasis on strengthening compliance training worldwide.

For example, the Group continually implements compliance-related online training (e-learning) in Japan, Europe and North America. The Group also proactively promotes training activities intended to reinforce compliance in each country and region, including classroom training as well as the production of training materials that include illustrations and quizzes, compliance pocket-sized cards, video materials for training and educational posters.

Compliance education provided in Fiscal 2015

  • Number of employees receiving online training (e-learning): approx. 11,500 (in Japan) and 4,100 (in Europe and North America)
  • Number of employees receiving classroom training: approx. 350 (in Japan) and 1,400 (in Europe and North America) (Note 1)
  • (Note 1) Number of employees receiving classroom training directly provided by the Compliance Committees in Europe, North America and Asia including Japan (excluding employee education provided by each Group company)

Implementing Compliance Surveys

The AGC Group uses surveys to gauge the level of compliance in the workplace and the ease of use of help lines. Survey results are utilized to implement additional necessary measures.

By 2015, compliance surveys had been implemented in Japan, North America, Singapore, the Philippines, Thailand and Indonesia. In the future, the AGC Group plans to promote them in other countries and regions.

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