Corporate Governance

Approach to Corporate Governance

AGC Asahi Glass has established the AGC Group Corporate Governance Basic Policy, and is working to strengthen and improve its corporate governance with a view to raise the Group’s corporate value over the medium and long terms and ensure its continuous growth.

As a company with a board of corporate auditors, the Company is responsible for managing the AGC Group as a whole, beyond the conventional framework of a parent company and subsidiaries. On that basis, it has adopted the following basic approach to its corporate governance system:

  • The management oversight function and management execution function shall be clearly separated
  • In the execution of management, corporate functions and the business execution function shall be clearly separated

Internal Control

In response to the establishment of the Companies Act, AGC Asahi Glass voted on its Corporate Policy over Internal Control at the Board of Directors meeting held in May 2006. The aim was to review and ensure the appropriateness of its business operation systems, including the compliance system.

Basic items for internal control

  1. Compliance Program
  2. Information Retention and Management System with respect to business operations
  3. Risk Management System
  1. System to ensure efficient and effective business execution
  2. System for reporting from Group companies to AGC Asahi Glass
  3. Corporate Auditors’ audit system

After introducing the Internal Control Report System in compliance with the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act, the AGC Group Internal Control over Financial Reporting Implementation Regulations was established. Based on these regulations, the Group establishes, operates and evaluates internal controls for financial reporting.

Internal control regarding financial reporting was evaluated as being effective in 2015, and an external auditor confirmed the appropriateness of the system in its evaluation.

Processes Based on Internal Control Implementation Regulations Related to AGC Group Financial Reporting

Processes Based on Internal Control Implementation Regulations Related to AGC Group Financial Reporting

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