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Socially Responsible Investing (SRI) Indices and CSR Ratings for which the AGC Group is Being Selected "Status of Ratings / SRI Surveys"

The main Socially Responsible Investment (SRI) indices and CSR ratings for which the AGC Group has been selected are as follows.

Index name Selected content Date

FTSE4Good Index Series

A SRI index created by the global index provider FTSE Russell (England)

FTSE4Good Index Series

Selected for the FTSE4Good Index Series
(176 Japanese companies included)
December 2015

Ethibel Investment Register

Ethibel Investment Register

A SRI index produced by the NPO Forum ETHIBEL (Belgium)

Included in the Ethibel PIONEER Investment Register, the highest ranked Ethibel register
(11 Japanese companies included)
December 2015

Euronext Vigeo World 120 index
A SRI index jointly produced by the SRI assessment firm Vigeo (France) and NYSE Euronext (U.S.)

Euronext Vigeo World 120 index

Included as one of 120 companies worldwide
(16 Japanese companies included)
December 2015

MSCI Global Sustainability Indexes
An index which is selected by high ESG (Environment, Social, and Governance) evaluation firms in each sector developed by Morgan Stanley Capital International (United States)

MSCI Global Sustainability Indexes

Selected for inclusion in MSCI Global Sustainability Indexes
(148 Japanese companies included)
June 2015

Morningstar Socially Responsible Investment Index (MS-SRI)
A SRI index for Japanese companies produced by Morningstar Japan

Morningstar Socially Responsible Investment Index

Included as one of 150 companies in the MS-SRI index January 2016

Channel NewsAsia Sustainability Ranking
The Channel NewsAsia Sustainability Ranking identifies leading firms in corporate sustainability across eleven key Asian economies. The index lists the Top 100 companies with the highest sustainability performance.

Channel NewsAsia Sustainability Ranking

Ranking 26
(30 Japanese companies included)
September 2016

Main Awards and Commendations in 2015

The AGC Group's main awards and commendations in 2015 were as follows.

Recipient Award Name / Nature of Commendation Awarding Body
AGC Asahi Glass "Mukaidono Safety Award" Safety Assessor Conference
AGC Asahi Glass Recognized as a "General Business Owner Conforming to Recognized Standards" under the Next Generation Education and Support Promotion Act (better known as "Obtaining the Kurumin Mark") Tokyo Labor Bureau
AGC Chemicals Company Responsible Care Award Japan Chemical Industry Association
MONOZUKURI & Personal Growth Enhancement Office "Good Risk Sense Award", The Chemical Daily RiskSense Study Group
Glass Company Building / Industrial Corporate Headquarters, Japan / Asia Division "Building Materials / Equipment Manufacturer I'd Like to Use, 2014 Rankings" 1st Place, Functional Glass Division Nikkei BP
AGC Chemicals Company Performance Chemicals General Division HQ "2014 Preferred Supplier Award" Merck Co. (Germany)
Asahi Glass, Kansai Plant (Takasago Factory) "Commendation of The High Pressure Gas Safety Institute of Japan" Hyogo Prefecture / Hyogo Prefecture High Pressure Gas Liaison Council
AGC Asahi Glass Research Center "FY2015 Yokohama Environmental Action Award for Excellence in 3R Activities" Yokohama Resources and Waste Recycling Bureau
Mr. Hidekatsu Koshimizu, Hokkaido Soda, Production & Technology Division, Tomakomai Office "The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry's Hokkaido Industrial Safety and Inspection Department Commendation in High-Pressure Gas Safety" Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Hokkaido Industrial Safety and Inspection Department
AGC Flat Glass (Thailand) "CSR-DIW Continuation Award" for the seventh consecutive year Department of Industrial Works (DIW), Ministry of Industry
AGC Flat Glass Czech "Social Responsibility Award" Usti Region Local Government (Czech Republic)
AGC Flat Glass (Philippines) "Don Emilio Abello Award; Outstanding Award for 2015" Philippine Department of Energy (DOE)
AGC Automotive (Thailand) "Labor Relations and Labor Welfare Award" for the twelfth consecutive year Ministry of Labor, Thailand
AGC Display Glass (Kunshan) "2015 Best 10 Company for Progress in Environmental Protection in Kunshan" Kunshan Municipal Committee of the Chinese Communist Party, Kunshan Municipal People's Government
UV Verre Premium Series "Standard in Preventing Sunburn due to UV Radiation" Certification US Skin Cancer Foundation
Ultra-lightweight Solar Panels: "Lightjoule" "Chairman's Award, New Energy Foundation"PDF(302K) New Energy Foundation
Inner Window "mado2" "Gold Medal, Home Theater Grand Prix 2015 Inner Window (High-End) Division" Ongen Publishing Co., Ltd.
infoverre™ "Digital Signage Award 2015 Technology and Hardware Division" Digital Signage Consortium Supported by: Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications
Low Energy Glass for Window Renovations - Low-E Glass "ATTOCH™" "Grand Prix, Hokkaido Energy Ministry, New Energy Promotion Award Energy Conservation Department" Hokkaido Bureau for the Promotion of Economy and Industry
"THERMOTECT Wall," an ultra-heat-resistant ceramic wall for use in industrial furnaces "2015 Energy Conservation Grand Prize, Products and Business Model Department, Director's Award, Agency of Natural Resources and Energy" The Energy Conservation Center
"Organic Acid Production using Acid-resistant Fission Yeast that Does Not Produce Neutralized Waste" "4th GSC Honorable Mention Award" Japan Association for Chemical Innovation

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