Social Contribution Activities

AGC Group Social Contribution Basic Policy

Guided by the AGC Group Social Contribution Basic Policy, the AGC Group carries out activities for helping communities around the world. The Group will promote activities meant to contribute to the resolution of social issues in fast-growing countries in which business activities are being developed.

In countries and regions worldwide, the AGC Group is adopting systems to facilitate employee participation in social contribution activities. For instance, AGC Asahi Glass implemented a volunteer day-off program in 2012, while group companies in Thailand adopted an ACG Group Ambassador program that certifies employees engaged in community development activities in their area. More than 100 employees have been certified to date.

AGC Group Social Contribution Basic Policy

(Established on February 10, 2010)

In its AGC Group Charter of Corporate Behavior, the AGC Group declares it will “strive to be a trusted corporate citizen, fulfilling its responsibilities to the communities in which it does business.” To achieve this, we conduct social contribution activities in three priority areas.

Priority areas
  1. Support for the next generation
    We, as a creator of future value, support the development of children, who will carry the future, helping them to live out their dreams.
  2. Harmony with local communities
    We, as a member of the communities in which we operate, contribute to their sustainable development.
  3. Natural environment conservation
    We, as a global enterprise, contribute to the solution of global environmental problems.

Total Financial Expenditure on Social Contribution Activities (AGC Group)

FY Amount
2012 395 million yen
2013 398 million yen
2014 509 million yen
2015 437 million yen

Total number of Employee Participation in Social Contribution Activities (AGC Group)

FY Number of Employees
2014 25,586
2015 21,510

Total Expenditures by Field of Emphasis: 2015 (AGC Group)

Field of Emphasis Amount Rate
Support for the next generation 247 million yen 56%
Harmony with local communities 116 million yen 27%
Natural environment conservation 49 million yen 11%
Others 25 million yen 6%

Expenditures by Use: 2015 Results (AGC Group)

Purpose of Use Amount Rate
Donations, material donations 224 million yen 51%
Employee participation and dispatch 98 million yen 22%
Voluntary programs 69 million yen 16%
Opening of facilities, acceptance of tours 47 million yen 11%

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