Message from the President and CEO

The AGC Group is Striving for a More Vibrant Society by Providing Safety, Security and Comfort to People’s Lives.Takuya Shimamura, Representative Director, President and Chief Executive Officer

In the AGC Group Vision, “Look Beyond”, we state Our Mission as follows:

“AGC, an everyday essential part of our world—AGC’s unique materials and solutions make people’s lives better around the world every day.”

In addition, we position “Innovation & Operational Excellence,” “Diversity,” “Environment,” and “Integrity” as “Our Shared Values,” which provides the basis for actions taken by the Group’s members. The set of the Group philosophy is shared with all 50,000 members of the AGC Group in about 30 countries and regions worldwide.

Based on this Group Vision, the AGC Group aims to continue being the “first choice” solution provider for our customers, as we build long-term trusted relationships with them through our wide-ranging materials in the field of glass, electronics, chemicals and ceramics, along with unique solutions developed using our production technologies. As a materials manufacturer, we always give our attention to society and will continue offering products and solutions that customers and society need, thereby making people’s lives better around the world every day. To achieve this, we set a goal of “providing safety, security and comfort to society” in our management policy.

The AGC Group acknowledges that global environmental conservation is an urgent issue confronting the international community. As an energy-intensive glass and chemical manufacturer, we see “Environment” as one of the highest priorities for our business management. In addition to our continuous efforts to reduce the environmental load at our manufacturing plants and facilities, we strive to help reduce the energy consumption of society by developing and offering various energy-saving and energy-creating products, such as low-E glass, through our materials and related technical expertise.

For more than 100 years, the AGC Group has contributed to industrial development and people’s lives. Guided by the principle of conducting business in a fair and proper manner, each of the Group’s 50,000 members will work together toward the realization of a more vibrant society for a new era. I appreciate your understanding and continued support.

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