About Changing Text Size

It is possible to change the text size on this site with your browser’s settings. Please change the text to the size that is easiest for you to read. Text size on major browsers can be changed by following the instructions below.

* The size of text in Flash contents and images cannot be changed.
* Settings instructions may vary by PC and browser.
* Changing the size of text may alter the appearance of the site layout.

Instructions for Internet Explorer 6.0

Select "View" from the menu. Select "Text Size" and choose your desired text size.

Instructions for Internet Explorer 7.0

Select "Page", then "Text Size" from the toolbar to change size.

Instructions for Mozilla Firefox 2.0

Select "View" from the menu. Select "Zoom" and choose either "Zoom In" or "Zoom Out".

Instructions for Mozilla Firefox 3.0

From the menu, Select "View", "Zoom" and "Zoom text only" then change text size.

Instructions for Safari 2.0 (Macintosh version)

Select "View" from the menu and select either "Make Text Bigger" or "Make Text Smaller".

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