Example: AsahiGuard E-SERIES

Asahi Glass’s proud advanced technology is being adopted for various uses.

Example: AsahiGuard E-SERIES

AsahiGuard E-SERIES - highly effective fluorinated water and oil repellent products that meet environmental goals

Asahi Guard is a fluorinated water/oil repellent agent that draws on fluorine’s extraordinary properties to protect against both oil and water. Responding to consumer requests, AGC introduced the AsahiGuard E-SERIES, which retains the same performance as Asahi Guard and does not contain perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA)*, longer chain length PFCAs or their precursors.

* PFOA is used as a polymerization aid in the production of fluorinated resins and is contained in fluorinated water/oil repellant agents in trace amounts. PFOA has been detected at very low levels in wildlife, human blood and environment. PFOA is one of a class of chemicals called perfluorinated carboxylic acids (PFCAs)

In January 2006, the EPA approached the world’s eight leading manufacturers of fluorinated resins and fluorinated water/oil repellent agents to participate in a program for further reducing emissions and product content of PFOA, longer chain length PFCAs and their precursors. AGC accepted this challenge to eliminate these chemicals in water/oil repellent products. By using advanced fluorine chemistry technologies, AGC developed the AsahiGuard E-SERIES that achieved the objectives of helping to maintain comfortable, convenient lifestyles while meeting the EPA’s environmental goals. Like its predecessor Asahi Guard, the new AsahiGuard E-SERIES continues to be used in fabrics for clothing, curtains and tablecloths, while also being introduced into fields such as food packaging and cooking sheets where safety and cleanliness are of primary importance.

AGC believes it is possible to make and use fluorinated water and oil repellent products that are consistent with the EPA’s goals and also provide other benefits. Textiles treated with AsahiGuard E-SERIES products resist dirt and, when they do become dirty, are easy to clean -- thus reducing the frequency of cleaning and thereby assisting in water conservation and long life for clothing and other textile products. This, in turn, leads to a reduction in solid waste. We at AGC strive to use the latest technology to do our part in protecting the earth’s environment.

AsahiGuard E-SERIES, providing water and oil repellent effects for a growing number of uses, even in everyday life

AsahiGuard E-SERIES, providing water and oil repellent effects for a growing number of uses, even in everyday life.

Cloth coated with AsahiGuard E-SERIES AG-E060.

Cloth coated with AsahiGuard E-SERIES AG-E061.

Oil does not penetrate paper coated with AsahiGuard E-SERIES AG-E060.

Oil does not penetrate paper coated with AsahiGuard E-SERIES AG-E060.

AsahiGuard E-SERIES Products meet Environmental Goals without Sacrificing Functionality

Since fluorinated water and oil repellent agents are used in products such as food packaging, they must clear the strict standards that are applied to food-related items. Development of the AsahiGuard E-SERIES began with research into the application processes for the various food sanitation laws that exist in different countries.

Since the new E-SERIES products were developed to contain no PFOA, longer chain length PFCAs and their precursors, we utilized our expertise to find a suitable chemical composition. Textile chemists had identified that chemical structures with longer carbon chains were most effective to repel water and oil; the standard for fluorinated water and oil repellent was a carbon number of 8 or more. However, shorter carbon chain lengths were needed to achieve the environmental goals. Addressing this apparent contradiction was an important factor in developing the new E-SERIES products.

After extensive research and experimentation, AGC achieved a carbon number of 6. The result is the AsahiGuard E-SERIES, with a carbon number that does not sacrifice functionality, while leading the industry by being free of PFOA and longer chain PFCAs and their precursors. AGC considered the development of the AsahiGuard E-SERIES not as a product renewal, but as the development of a totally new product, and as such, changed its entire production process. New systems were put into place that affected everything from the factory’s location and the production line to the measuring rooms and sample storage sites. After its development, the AsahiGuard E-SERIES has garnered a great deal of praise for conforming not only to Japanese food sanitation laws, but a number of environmental and safety standards around the world.

AGC’s accumulated expertise in fluorine chemistry contributes to society

AGC believes that we have been entrusted with the mission of realizing the vast potential of our fluorine-related products, while creating a more comfortable and environmentally sound world. Through our strength in chemicals, AGC is committed to realizing a society that considers both convenience and the environment, and, as evidenced with the AsahiGuard E-SERIES, we constantly strive to manufacture products from a customer standpoint, enabling fluorine to contribute to daily life. We will continue to carry out research and development to expand our E-SERIES product line to meet additional needs in the marketplace.

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