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Electronic Materials

The electronic materials operation features technology to support the information and communication industry and other areas that are expected to expand in the future.
Expertise in glass, chemicals and ceramics embodied in advanced technology in materials, processing, forming and surface finishing, give us tremendous resources for developing cutting-edge electronic components.

Synthetic Fused Silica Glass - AQ series

  • An extremely pure product, developed utilizing technological expertise and experience accumulated over a number of years in the product areas of fine glass, fine chemicals, and fine ceramics.
  • Offering the most advanced stepper lens materials and photomask substrates with outstanding features such as low expansion, high optical transmission at deep ultraviolet wavelengths, and high chemical durability.

Synthetic Quartz Glass for Semiconductor Industry Optics

Synthetic Fused Silica Glass for exposure lens systems for integrated circuit manufacturing

Synthetic quartz photomask substrates

Synthetic Fused Silica Glass photomask substrates

Low Thermal Expansion Glass AZ

  • Our zero-expansion glass AZ was derived from our ultrahigh-purity synthetic quartz manufacturing technology.
  • Being developed using our synthetic quartz manufacturing technology, the glass, like synthetic quartz,can be readily processed into a variety of shapes. AGC's expertise in precision polishing permits assurance of low defect density.

Synthetic Quartz Crystal CQ

  • Synthetic quartz crystal CQ has considerably improved resistance to intense laser beams used in semiconductor lithography equipment, developed by the synergy of Tokyo Denpa's high-quality quartz crystal manufacturing technology and AGC's expertise in polishing and laser resistance evaluation.

Alkali-Free Glass for Backside Grinding Process EN-A1

  • Asahi Glass provides glass polishing substrates for the thinning process, known as back grinding, of semiconductor chips.
  • An indispensable material for high-performance, low-profile semiconductors, it contributes to enhanced functions and slimness of mobile handsets.

High Purity Silicon Carbide Components

  • A full line of high-purity re-crystallized & CVD-Coated SiC furnace components for Vertical, Horizontal and Single Wafer processes, it is preferred worldwide by furnace manufacturers and wafer fabs whose processes demand the use of high-purity precision components.
  • With less than ppb purity levels and a melting point of > 1400(deg), CVD-Coated SiC is the material of choice for high-temperature and LP-CVD processes. CVD-Coated SiC is virtually impervious to acid etc, resulting in consistent and repeatable performance time after time.
  • Those materials are available in 150mm - 300mm for all major horizontal and vertical systems.

High purity silicon carbide components

CMP Slurry

  • By taking advantage of the ability to handle the full production cycle, i.e. from raw material grinding to slurry, AGC offers a slurry and polishing solution-that accommodates customer’s design policies and CMP processes.
  • By utilizing technologies fostered thus far for grind drawing and for chemical reaction control, AGC optimizes slurries for oxide layers, wiring layers, and other layers. Consequently, all slurries offer excellent surface planarity, a high removal rate, and minimal scratching.

CMP Slurry

CMP slurry

CMP process

CMP slurry

CMP slurry

Wafer after CMP processing

Wafer after CMP processing

CMP process

CMP process

Glass Powders & Glass Pastes

  • By taking advantage of its expertise in glass composition design and research analysis, AGC expands the application of highly functional materials in various markets such as electricity, communication equipment, automotive, display and new generation energy. Amid diversifying societal needs, AGC has established a system that enables the company to meet various customer needs in all stages including product planning, product design, manufacturing, and quality enhancement.
  • AGC is proactively developing lead-free glass powders and glass pastes to contribute to the environment.

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