Long-term management strategy: Vision 2030

Advance AGC’s ambidextrous management and accelerate the transformation of its business portfolio

In recent years, extreme weather events and large-scale natural disasters on a global scale have occurred frequently, making the attainment of a sustainable society an urgent issue. Technology is also rapidly advancing with the advent of the full-fledged IoT and AI era, the commercialization of 5G, and advances in medical care. Against this backdrop, the AGC Group formulated its long-term management strategy, Vision 2030.

Vision 2030

By providing differentiated materials and solutions, AGC strives to help realize a sustainable society and become an excellent company that grows and evolves continuously.

To realize our Vision 2030, the AGC Group aims to create sustainable economic and social value by transforming our business portfolio with both core and strategic businesses playing an integral role. In our core businesses, such as architectural glass, automotive glass, display, essential chemicals, and fluorochemicals, we will enhance the competitiveness of each business and build a solid and long-term stable earnings base.
In the strategic businesses of Electronics, Life Science and Mobility, which are high-growth fields, we will create and expand high-profit businesses that will be the pillars of our Group's future by leveraging our strengths.

Concept for Realizing Vision 2030

Group-wide Strategy

With both core and strategic businesses as drivers, AGC will keep optimizing business portfolio and create economic and social value continuously.

Core Businesses

Heighten the competitiveness of each business and build robust profit foundations that have long-term stability

  • Architectural glass

  • Automotive glass

  • Display

  • Chlor & Alkali , Urethanes

  • Fluorochemicals

  • Ceramics

Strategic Businesses

Focusing on high-growth fields, utilize our strengths to create and expand high-profit businesses that will become our future pillars

  • Mobility

  • Electronics

  • Life Science

AGC Group Strength: we can provide differentiated materials to growth industries that will underpin future society.

  • Relationships with and trust of clients throughout society and across a broad range of industries

  • Differentiated materials and technologies

  • Production technology capabilities and process development capabilities

  • Globally integrated management that unites diverse personnel

  • Corporate culture that encourages ambitious initiatives

Achieve a balance between "business growth" and "realization of a sustainable society"

Financial Targets under Vision 2030

By 2030, AGC will achieve a record profit and ensure a stable ROE of 10% or higher.

Social Value the AGC Group Wants to Create

In addition to achieving our financial targets, we are required to achieve a balance between "business growth" and "realization of a sustainable society." In light of major opportunities and risks that the AGC Group faces, we will strive to achieve sustainability targets in all our business activities and contribute to the resolution of the following five social issues.