Fundamental Approach

In the manufacturing of its products, the AGC Group uses natural resources, such as silica sand, and industrial materials, such as ethylene.

Our initiatives aimed at using resources effectively—which is one of the long-term social issues we have identified as a component of our materiality—promote the efficient use of limited resources as well as the use of recycled resources to further reduce our resource usage.

In one such initiative, we are improving resource productivity,* including the resource productivity of packaging materials, and maximizing the cyclical usage of resources.

As for waste, we are further developing basic “reduce, reuse, and recycle” environmental activities that we have been conducting for many years. Our aim is to build resource circulation loops in all phases of operations.

This is a comprehensive indicator of how effectively resources are being used. Resource productivity is the ratio of natural resources and energy used to the production volume or economic value created.

Resource Circulation Loop

Resource Circulation Loop

The entire AGC Group is working to realize the following resource circulation initiatives and targets.

  • Achieve landfill disposal percentage of less than 1%
  • Reduce the volume of resources used
  • Increase the percentage of reclaimed resources
  • Introduce non-fossil derived materials

Use of Cullet

In the glass manufacturing process, the AGC Group uses cullet as a substitute for raw materials such as silica sand.
We reduce our utilization of natural resources by, as far as is technically possible, reusing as a raw material glass ends generated during manufacturing processes.


Use of Cullet in the Manufacture of Cover Glass for Displays

We also use cullet as a raw material in cover glass for displays, which must be of particularly high quality. In accordance with ISO 14021, our labeling shows the percentage of recycled material in these products, for which we obtain third-party certification.


Returnable Glass Pallets for Carrying Glass Products

Glass pallets are used when transporting glass products. We utilize returnable glass pallets made of iron. In 2020, we introduced a pallet IoT system, a location management system for pallets, with the aim of ensuring the recovery of pallets and increasing the efficiency of their transportation.

Recovery and Recycling of Fluorocarbons and Calcium Fluoride

In the Chemicals Segment, the AGC Group manufactures various fluorinated products, such as hydrofluoric acid and alternatives for chlorofluorocarbons. Calcium fluoride (fluorite) is a natural resource used as a raw material for these fluorinated products, but deposits and producing countries are limited, and the Group largely depends on imports from China.
Since 1997, the Group in Japan has been recovering used fluorocarbon products from customers and then destroying and recycling these products at the AGC Chiba Plant.

Recovery and Recycling of Fluorocarbons

Recovery and Recycling of Fluorocarbons