collaboration #1

AGC is a materials manufacturer engaged in a wide range of businesses, including Electronics, Chemicals, and Ceramics, in addition to the Glass business on which it was founded. Over the 110 years since its establishment, AGC has combined various technologies cultivated in a range of fields and has provided new functions and value to people's lives together with the leading companies of the times. As the speed of social change becomes faster and faster, materials development also needs to accelerate to keep pace. From our base in AO, we will continue to create new values through collaboration with the world outside AGC.


AGC and NOMURA have concluded an agreement to conduct business alliance, with the goal of creating and accelerating business expansion of glass products in the interior market, such as commercial facilities and offices. Based on this agreement, both companies will engage in the joint development of functional interior glass, from here on.

In this exhibition, the materials of AGC and the spatial design of Nomura Co. Ltd, are combined in a collaboration that attempted to expand spatial experience and expression based on materials. The spatial arrangement of digitally controlled materials such as dimming glass, acoustic glass, heat reflective glass, and displays creates a dynamic spatial experience that jolts the visitor's vision and hearing. This is an attempt to create a dynamic, three-dimensional spatial experience out of static materials.

AO Gallery Exhibition #1 “Inside of Material”

AGC's materials are viewed as media, and three media arranged in 28 pathways are sprinkled around in the space. Dimming glass, acoustic glass, and heat reflective glass displays that move in different ways from one another visualize and create spaces in the world created within materials through sight and sound. By combining dynamic materials as space, the exhibition attempts to create a spatial experience and spatial expression that expands on conventional static materials.