Introduction of Executives

  • Last update: 29th March, 2018

Board of Directors, Audit & Supervisory Board Members, and Executive Officers

Board of Directors


Kazuhiko Ishimura

Representative Director
President & CEO

Takuya Shimamura

Representative Director
Executive Vice President

Yoshinori Hirai

Representative Director
Executive Vice President

Shinji Miyaji


Hiroshi Kimura *1


Masako Egawa *1


Yasuchika Hasegawa *1

*1: Independent Director

Audit & Supervisory Board Members

Audit & Supervisory Board Member Tetsuo Tatsuno *2  
Audit & Supervisory Board Member Yasushi Marumori *2  
Audit & Supervisory Board Member Hiroshi Kawamura  
Audit & Supervisory Board Member Akio Sakumiya  

*2: On a full-time basis

Executive Officers

President & CEO

CEO Takuya Shimamura

Executive Vice Presidents

GM of Technology General Div.
Yoshinori Hirai
Shinji Miyaji

Senior Executive Officers

President of Automotive Company Marehisa Ishiko
President of Building & Industrial Glass Company Jean-François Heris
President of Electronics Company Yoshinori Kobayashi
President of Chemicals Company Masao Nemoto
GM of Corporate Planning General Div. Kenzo Moriyama

Executive Officers

Senior Vice President of Building & Industrial Glass Company Tadayuki Oi
Chief Representative of AGC Group for Asia Pacific Kimikazu Ichikawa
GM of Production Technology Div., Technology General Division Shigekuni Inoue
GM of Display Glass General Div., Electronics Company Seigo Washinoue
GM of Essential Chemicals General Div., Chemicals Company Kazuaki Koga
GM of Performance Chemicals General Div., Chemicals Company Takashizu Minato
Regional President for Asia Pacific, Building & Industrial Glass Company Masahiro Takeda
GM of Human Resources Division Takashi Misu
Regional President for Americas, Automotive Company Tatsuo Sugiyama
GM of Electronic Materials General Div., Electronics Company Takahisa Sugiyama
Regional President for Europe, Automotive Company Jean-Marc Meunier
GM of New Product R&D Center, Technology General Div. Naoki Sugimoto
GM of Purchase & Logistics Division Fumiaki Hayashi
Senior Vice President of Automotive Company Katsufumi Yajima
GM of Finance & Control Division Toshiro Kasuya
GM of Technology Management General Div., Chemicals Company Tadashi Hiraoka
Regional President for Europe, Building & Industrial Glass Company Philippe Bastien
Chief Representative of AGC Group for China Toshihiro Ueda
GM of Life Science Div., Chemicals Company Hideyuki Kurata
GM of Innovative Technology Research Center, Technology General Div. Atsushi Ichikawa

*(Abbreviation) "GM": General Manager