This glass reduces deterioration from laser radiation to 1/5 or less relative to that of conventional artificial crystals, and its light resistance against high-intensity lasers, which are used for IC steppers/scanners, etc., has been greatly improved. It is an optimal artificial crystal for polarization optical elements (such as depolarization plates and wave plates), diffractive optical elements, and prism materials.


  • Prisms

Synthetic quartz crystal CQ has considerably improved resistance to intense laser beams used in semiconductor lithography equipment.CQ shows deterioration by laser irradiation equal to or less than 1/5 that of conventional synthetic quartz crystal materials.


General Properties

Grade CQ
Bubbles and inclusions IEC758/JIS C 6704 Ⅰb
CTE  (30-100°C) Z axis 8ppm/K
X axis 14ppm/K
Refractive Index at 589nm 1.54
Laser durability Solarization none
Degradation of Transmission /pls x 0.18Mpls <0.3%/cm
Density g/c 2.65
Heat conductivity (200°C) K(W/m-℃)
Z axis
X axis
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Durability to ArF Irradiation

Conventional Synthetic Quartz Crystal vs. High Laser Durability Crystal CQ (5mJ/cm2/pulse)

△absorption coefficient spectra after ArF irradiation (5mJ/cm2/pulse,1 Billion)

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