Research Collaboration System

FY2023 AGC Research Collaboration System
-Public Solicitation Collaboration Between Industry and Academia-

1. Purpose of the system

We propose a research assignment, and perform collaborative research with universities or public research institutes, etc. through a public solicitation examination method. We encourage the proactive utilization of the outcomes which are obtained in collaborative research.

2. Targeted researchers

Researchers who belong to national, public and private university, and public research institutes, etc in Japan. In the case of team research with participation by multiple researchers, an application will be made by a representative.

3. Targeted research main theme

(Main theme) Study or development on AGC’s technical needs or seeds
Please refer here or contact : for the details.

4. Application and Adoption

We will adopt about 10 excellent collaborative research plans as ‘Entry-Collabs’, and support their research expenses less than 2 million yen per plan for a year. The number of adoptions will vary depending on the situation.
If you would like to apply your plan to us, please contact :
Please refer here for the past adoption records.

5. Schedule of Application and Adoption in This Fiscal Year

Due date of submission of the plan abstract October 16, 2023
Notification of examination results of the plan abstract October 31, 2023
Due date of the plan document submission Middle of November, 2023
Notification of examination results of plan document Middle of December, 2023
Arrangement of research plan and conclusion of collaborative research contract By the end of March, 2024
Start of collaborative research Target at the beginning of April, 2024

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