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Q1. When was the Company founded?
The Company was founded in 1907 and succeeded in industrialization of flat glass for the first time in Japan. Since then, the Company has expanded its business to manufacturing of architectural and automotive glass; display glass including CRT, LCD and PDP; and the chemicals business.
Q2. What is the Company's line of business?
The Company mainly operates in architectural glass business, automotive business, electronics business, chemicals business, and life science business. In the architectural glass business, we manufacture architectural glass and in the automotive business, we manufacture automotive glass and cover glass for car-mounted displays. We also produce display glass for LCDs, as well as electronic materials in the electronics business. The chemicals business consists of an essential chemicals department dealing in materials including caustic soda and PVC, and a performance chemicals department, which mainly handles fluorinated resin. The life science business is engaged in the synthetic pharmaceuticals & agrochemical CDMO, and biopharmaceutical CDMO.
Q3. How many affiliates are there in the AGC Group?
The AGC Group has 241 affiliates as of the end of December 2023, of which 214 are consolidated subsidiaries and 22 are equity method affiliates.
Q4. How many employees are there in the Group?
We have 56,724 employees in the Group on a consolidated basis as of December 2023, and 7,753 employees on a non-consolidated basis.
Q5. What is the Company's capital and total number of outstanding shares?
The capital of the Company is 90,873 million yen and the Company has 217,434,681 shares of outstanding stocks as of the end of December 2023.
Q6. What is the minimum trading unit of shares?
The Company's trading unit is 100 shares.
Q7. What is the Company's securities code?
The securities code is 5201.
Q8. Where are the Company's stocks listed?
The Company is listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE).
Q9. When was the Company listed on the TSE?
The Company was listed on the TSE in 1950.
Q10. Is there any special benefits plan for shareholders?
No, the Company does not have such a special benefits plan.
Q11. When is the general meeting of shareholders?
The Company general meeting of shareholders is held in late March. We will notify details including the date, time and venue of the meeting in the notice of the general meeting of shareholders, which we will send in early March to shareholders who are registered as of December 31 every year.
Q12. When does the Company's fiscal year end?
It ends on December 31 every year.
Q13. When does the Company pay dividends?
We plan to pay dividends twice a year.
Usually, we send a bank transfer payment advice note or postal transfer payment advice note in the beginning of April and September to shareholders who are registered as of the year-end account settlement at the end of December and the second quarter account settlement at the end of June every year.
Q14. When does the Company announce its earnings results?
We plan to announce our earnings results for the first quarter in May, second quarter between late July and early August, third quarter between late October and early November, and full-year earnings results in February. We will post a detailed schedule on our IR Calendar webpage as soon as it is prepared.
Q15. Where can I find the latest financial information on the Company?
Click here to find the latest financial results of the Company. You can also read the AGC Integrated Report by accessing the link on the same page.

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