Your Dreams, Our Challenge—Balancing economic prosperity with the global environment and social priorities

When we talk about sustainability, we are usually thinking about the global environment. While protection of the global environment is certainly a vital aspect of our sustainability philosophy, our sustainability priorities as a business are not limited to the environment.

The AGC Group produces many products that play an essential role in maintaining the global environment and supporting society, including glass, chemicals, electronic devices and materials, and ceramics. Our mission is to ensure the continuity of our business so that we can continue to fulfill our responsibility to supply these products. We also have a responsibility to pursue our business operations in ways that contribute to sustainability of the global environment and society. To do that, we must ensure that our efforts to create economic value are compatible with the creation of social value. That is the focus of the AGC Group’s approach to sustainability management. We recognize the difficulty of this task, and that is precisely why we are so committed to the challenge of making dreams come true for people everywhere in the world.

Using AGC’s Unique Capabilities to Transform Social Issues into Value

The AGC Group’s approach to sustainability management is focused on the creation of five social values that reflect long-term issues confronting the world. The AGC Group will turn these issues into value and contribute to the creation of a flourishing society on a flourishing planet by applying five unique strengths developed by AGC since its founding— differentiated materials and technologies, production technology and process development capabilities, globally integrated management that unites diverse personnel, a corporate culture that encourages ambitious initiatives, and a reputation for dependability built on relationships with customers across a wide range of industrial and social segments.

Protecting the Global Environment and Utilizing Resources
—Contributing to the realization of a sustainable global environment

As part of our response to the climate change problem, we aim to reduce our carbon emissions to net zero by 2050. We will also contribute to global environmental sustainability by using finite resources efficiently, and by expanding the use of recycled materials.

Supporting the Evolution of Cities and Mobility
—Contributing to the realization of safe and comfortable urban infrastructure

The AGC Group contributes to the creation of safe, comfortable urban infrastructure by creating the diverse materials and solutions needed to drive urbanization, and the evolution of the info-oriented, IoT society, by pursuing innovations that enhance the safety and comfort of mobility systems.

Realizing Longevity Society Where People Can Live in Good Health
—Contributing to the realization of safe and healthy lifestyles

We are helping to prevent global food shortages by supplying materials and solutions that enhance agricultural productivity. Through our life science business, we are taking up bold new challenges that will contribute to the realization of a society in which people can enjoy healthy longevity by ensuring that people everywhere have access to safe, reliable pharmaceutical products.

Creating a Healthy and Secure Society through Connections
—Contributing to the maintenance of a healthy and secure society

We identify issues through dialogue with local communities and our business partners and customers and work with them to find solutions. We are also working to maintain a safe, healthy society by protecting local environments and remaining alert to human rights issues in supply chains.

Generating New Value from Fair and Safe Workplaces
—Contributing to the creation of fair and safe workplaces

We see the maintenance of safe working environments and the prioritization of our shared values, such as Diversity, as essential to the AGC Group’s continual evolution as a truly global company. Management and employees are working together to maintain fair, safe working environments.

Disclosure of ESG information

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