About Social Media

Basic Social Media Policy

AGC Inc. (the “Company”) has set the following policy to enhance communication with its stakeholders.

  • In using social media, the Company and the employees of the AGC Group strive to promote interactive communication with their stakeholders in full compliance with all applicable laws and regulations as well as with the AGC Group Code of Conduct and the AGC Group Charter of Corporate Behavior.

AGC Group Charter of Corporate Behavior
AGC Group Code of Conduct

  • The Company and the employees of the AGC Group fully acknowledge that information posted on the Internet is accessible by the general public, that information cannot be completely deleted once it is posted online, and that an individual's posting may impact the reputation of the AGC group. The Company and the employees of the AGC Group always strive for responsible online behavior.

To All Users of AGC's Official Social Media Accounts

  • The Company operates official social media accounts (the “Official Accounts”) for the purpose of enhancing communication with its stakeholders.
  • Information posted on the Official Accounts by the Company does not necessarily reflect the official announcements and/or views of the Company. The Company does not guarantee the accuracy and completeness of the information provided on the Official Accounts. The Company's official views and announcements are available on its corporate website and in its news releases.
  • The Company may use the comments posted on the Official Accounts for any purpose including reproduction, processing, translation, and creation of excerpts without the consent of the user of the Official Accounts (“User” or “Users”).
  • To ensure a sound communication environment, the Users are advised not to make comments of the following nature. The Company may delete the postings and/or block the User(s) when necessary.
    • Postings that contain false or misleading information
    • Postings that are deemed defamation or infringement of individuals' privacy rights and other rights
    • Postings that damage the reputation and/or trust of the Company, other Users or third parties
    • Postings by spoofing other individual's identity or by any similar means
    • Postings for commercial purposes
    • Postings that are deemed inappropriate by the Company
  • The Company will not be responsible for any disputes arising between Users or Users and third parties.
  • The Company may terminate or suspend the operation of any of the Official Accounts at its own discretion without prior notice to the Users.

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