Disclosure Policy

1. Basic Policy

The AGC Group established the AGC Group Charter of Corporate Behavior, which declares that the AGC Group will communicate responsibly with customers, local citizens, shareholders, and other members of society by disclosing information in a fair and appropriate manner. Based on this basic idea, the AGC Group will proactively carry out disclosure activities.

2. Disclosure Standards

The AGC Group promptly discloses information based on transparency, fairness and continuity in accordance with laws and regulations, including the Financial Instruments and Exchange Law, and the rules and regulations set forth by the Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE) and other stock exchanges regarding timely disclosure (hereinafter referred to as "Timely Disclosure Regulations").
The AGC Group discloses even information that does not fall within the scope of laws and regulations and/or the Timely Disclosure Regulations in a proper and fair way as much as possible, if it judges the information to be useful for shareholders and investors.

3. Methods of Disclosure

Information that falls within the scope of the Timely Disclosure Regulations is made public on the Timely Disclosure Network (TDnet), provided by the Tokyo Stock Exchange, in conformity with the Timely Disclosure Regulations. The information that is made public on TDnet will be made available on the website of the Company as soon as possible. When we disclose information that does not fall within the scope of the Timely Disclosure Regulations, we ensure that the information is communicated to shareholders and investors in an appropriate manner, taking into account the intention of the Timely Disclosure Regulations.

4. Handling of Unpublished Information

We carefully manage important unpublished information in accordance with our internal regulations to ensure that such information is not selectively disclosed only to specific investors. However, we promptly disclose such information in cases when it has been unintentionally disclosed.

5. Internal Information Disclosure and Management Systems

The AGC Group has established an Information Management Committee chaired by the CFO to provide guidance and supervision, etc. on compliance with laws and internal regulations relating to the prevention of insider trading and information disclosure.

6. Silent Period

The AGC Group has established a silent period beginning from the day following the end of each business year and quarter to the announcement of financial results in order to prevent the leakage of financial information and ensure fairness. The Company will not make comments or respond to questions, etc. about our financial results during this silent period.

7. Forecasts of Future Business Performance, etc.

The forecasts and predictions of business performance, etc. published by the AGC Group are based on the information available at the time of publication and do not constitute a promise or guarantee of performance. Please be aware that actual future business performance may differ from forecasts due to factors such as various future risks and uncertainties.

When searching information on this website, please also refer to Cautionary Statement, posted separately.