Procurement Policy

Procurement policy and field, etc. of AGC is published.

AGC Group Purchasing Policy

AGC Group pursues values of the Group Vision “Look Beyond” and the "AGC Group Charter of Corporate Behavior" and will regulate our performances on purchasing which are explicitly stated in the following "AGC Purchasing Policy".

  • Basic Purchasing Principle
    • Fair & equitable transactions

      Our procurement policy is to consistently search for innovative technologies, products and services with a fair and equitable manner globally.

    • Compliance to related laws & regulations, and behavior considering safety, environment & human rights

      In carrying out purchasing activities, AGC will comply with the applicable laws and regulations of each country and international norms, act with integrity and give due consideration to safety, environment, natural resource conservation and human rights.
      In particular, in order not to promote conflicts or foster human rights violations through the procurement of mineral resources, identifying conflict minerals (tin, tantalum, tungsten, gold) and cobalt as high-risk minerals, we will promote responsible mineral procurement through the adoption of smelters and refiners that have been certified as not using minerals that are related to armed forces or injustice such as human rights violations.

    • Partnership with business partners

      AGC will establish a long-term, mutual prosperous partnership to produce a better product with our business partners.
      To this end, we will endeavor to keep close communication with our business partners to build and enhance our trusting relationship.

    • Protection of information, intellectual property, and other assets

      AGC will properly manage and protect the proprietary information, intellectual property and other assets of our business partners while procuring goods and services.

  • Criteria for Selecting Business Partners

    AGC will apply key criteria to evaluate and select business partners, as follows.

    • Sound management, Steady supply, and Flexibility to match with the fluctuating demand.
    • Appropriate Quality, Pricing, Delivery date punctuality, consideration to Safety & Environment and Technical service level.
    • Making endeavors to realize each item of the “Request for Cooperation in Sustainable Procurement” below.
  • Request for Cooperation in Sustainable Procurement

    AGC strives to be a company trusted by all its stakeholders, a company that meets the expectations of the world business community to grow and develop responsibility, and a company that significantly contributes to a healthier global society.
    In order to fulfill our social responsibilities towards the realization of a sustainable society as the AGC Group, we would like to promote our efforts together with the companies linked to our supply chain.
    Accordingly, we would like to share with and request to our business partners compliance and enforcement of the following points and would like to ask our partners’ understanding and cooperation.

    • Legal compliance, fairness and integrity
      To comply with laws and international norms of each country and region, conduct fair transactions, and execute the following:
      • Maintain healthy and normal relations with politics and government, and do not give or receive inappropriate profits in relation to stakeholders.
      • Do not engage in activities that hinder fair competition in the market or abuse superior bargaining position.
      • Establish a management system for the import and export of goods and technologies regulated by laws and regulations of each country and region and carry out proper export procedures.
      • In the procurement of mineral resources contained in products, identify conflict minerals (tin, tantalum, tungsten, gold) and cobalt as high-risk minerals, and promote responsible mineral procurement through the adoption of smelters and refiners that have been certified as not using minerals that are related to armed forces or injustice such as human rights violations.
      • Do not have any relationship with anti-social forces.
      • Establish and put into practice a mechanism such as policies, organizations, guidelines, reporting systems and educations, to enforce thorough compliance and to prevent and detect inappropriate practices at an early stage.
    • Environment, safety and quality
      To provide high-quality, safe and environmentally friendly products and services, reduce environmental burdens, ensure product and workplace safety, and implement the following:
      • Comply with the laws and regulations of each country and region regarding the environment, and appropriately manage chemical substances contained in products and chemical substances discharged to the external environment based on laws and regulations.
      • Strive to protect the environment and natural resources and reduce the final disposal volume of waste.
      • Establish an environmental management system and continuously operate and improve it.
      • Contribute to the prevention of global warming and strive to save energy.
      • Work for safety, security and disaster prevention, and work to prevent accidents.
      • Products meet the safety standards stipulated by the laws and regulations of each country and region and provide accurate information on items that may cause danger or health damage to users.
    • Human rights and labor
      Respect the dignity and human rights of all people and do the following:
      • Do not discriminate against people regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, nationality, political affiliation, age, gender, disability, marriage, sexual preference or any other positions.
      • Do not engage in acts such as sexual harassment or power harassment that deny the personality of others or harm personal dignity.
      • Do not allow forced labor, slave labor, child labor, unfair low-paid labor, and do not participate in human rights violations.
      • Respect employee rights and build and maintain good relationships with employees through discussion and dialogue.
      • Comply with the laws and regulations of each country and region regarding employee working hours, holidays, paid leave grants and wages.
      • Establish an environment where employees can work safely and physically and mentally healthily.
    • Risk, information and intellectual property management
      Establish a system to avoid risk on business and execute the following for information and intellectual property management.
      • Establish a business continuity plan that provides measures to enable business continuity or early recovery when an unforeseen circumstance such as a disaster or accident occurs, and upon such occurrence, cope with it promptly and disclose accurate information.
      • Make proper recording and reporting necessary for the business activities based on the facts, and as well as keeping record, make appropriate information management so that confidential information of the parties such as customers, business partners and own companies including personal information will not be leaked.
      • Disclose information such as financial status, business results, and details of business activities appropriately to stakeholders as appropriate.
      • Properly manage own and other parties’ intellectual properties, and do not obtain third-party trade secrets by illegal means or perform any act that infringes on the intellectual property of a third party.

January 1, 2020

Recruitment of new business partners

AGC Group is collecting information on suppliers and business partners with superior technical capabilities and cost competitiveness from the global market.

The items subject to inquiry are as follows.

Category Item
Raw Materials for glass Silica sand, soda ash, alumina, feldspar, calcia, magnesia, dolomite, strontium compound, barium compound, boron compound, titania, zirconia, lithia, rare earths, non-ferrous metals, cullet (glass scraps)
Raw materials for chemicals Potassium chloride, fluorite, limes (calcium carbonate, quicklime, slaked lime), polycarbonate resin, vinyl ethers, phosphoric acid compounds
Energy Renewable energy
Parts & materials - Common to all businesses: Glass interleaving paper, iron containers for glass (pallets), wooden pallets, plastic pallets, drums, plastic drums, recycled iron drums

- For double glazing for construction: Sealant, desiccant, aluminum spacer, plastic spacer

- For automotive glass: Exterior parts (resin injection, extrusion molding, metal press molding, R/F molding, rubber extrusion, injection molding, etc.), electronic parts for antennas, interlayer film for laminated glass

- For electronic glass: Edging wheels for glass, abrasive grains for glass, polishing pads for glass, etc.
Outsourcing - Various processing on glass: Cutting, edging, polishing, machining, drilling, external processing, surface treatment, tempering, laminating, printing, film bonding, assembly, etc.

- Various resin processing: Injection molding, extrusion molding, sheet forming, vacuum forming, film forming, surface treatment / coating, crushing / powdering, layering, etc.

- Various metal processing: Press molding, extrusion molding, roll molding, die casting, cutting, external machining, metal etching, metal patterning, metal micromachining, assembly, etc.

- Various processing of chemicals (organic solvents, etc.): Contract manufacturing (reaction) / blending, liquid / gas refilling, liquid subdivision, etc.

- Other various processing: Cutting / grinding of ultrahard item, film formation, electro casting, transcription, etc.
Equipment Flat glass manufacturing equipment, automotive glass manufacturing equipment, FPD glass manufacturing equipment, chemical plant equipment, construction / repair / overhaul related to the above equipment
Logistics Truck transportation
- Cargo transportation companies who can meet the conditions specified by us in Kanto region of Japan
- Consigners who can use our return truck from each region to Kanto region

- Load capacity 5t / m2, warehouse with crane
- Warehouse where dangerous materials and poisonous substances can be stored

Marine container
- Shipping companies and forwarders having advantage in FFCL transportation (especially dangerous materials and open top containers) to North America, Middle East, and Oceania.
- Shipping companies and forwarders capable of handling integrated sea and land transportation to China

Packaging container
- Companies who have packing and lashing technology to improve transportation efficiency

Logistics system
- Inventory management system utilizing RFID (attachment to iron container)
- Factory entry / exit optimization system (optimization software for daily operations under complex constraint conditions)

Notes on Use

If you agree with the following <Notes on Use>, please fill out and send us the “Supplier Proposal Sheet”.

< Notes on Use >

We will properly manage the personal information entered in the “Supplier Proposal Sheet” according to the AGC Personal Information Protection Policy.

  • The information entered in the “Supplier Proposal Sheet” will be used only as basic data for considering transactions between AGC Group and your company and may not be used for other purposes or disclosed to third parties.
  • Our person in charge may directly contact the person who filled out the sheet, but please be aware that we may not always contact or respond.
  • Please refrain from disclosing part or all of the contents of our responses to suppliers to third parties.
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