AGC offers a variety of products and solutions that contribute to innovation in glass production processes and environmental conservation.


AGC offers a variety of products and solutions that contribute to innovation in glass production processes and environmental conservation.

Products by industry

  • Refractories for Glass plants

    Support the life cycle of glass furnaces

    We optimally select and propose the materials for an “energy-saving” and “environmentally friendly” glass furnace, and offer support along every step of the life cycle.

    Product Name

    Refractories for Glass plants

  • Refractories for Cement plants

    Refractory bricks with excellent high-flexibility against mechanical stress and thermal shock resistance

    Technological innovations for environmental protection are progressing in the cement industry. We offer products and consulting services that respond to the environmental changes.

    Product Name

    Refractories for Cement plants

  • Refractories for Incinerator plants

    The optimised refractory lining for your needs

    We have a good product lineup of castable to satisfy the needs of each type of incinerators. We also make optimised lining that help to minimize an installation period and reduce the possibility of explosive-spalling during dryout by heating up.

    Product Name

    Refractories for Incinerator plants

  • Refractories for Aluminum plants

    High-durability and energy-saving

    Based on our extensive experiences, we offer optimised refractory lining for aluminum melting furnaces and proposals to reduce radiation heat loss.

    Product Name

    Refractories for Aluminum plants

  • Refractories for Other industrial furnaces

    The optimised refractories for a wide variety of fields

    We offer our customers the optimised refractories for gasification melting furnaces, liquid type incinerators, lime kilns, and other furnaces.

    Product Name

    Refractories for Other industrial furnaces

Solution products

  • High Thermal Insulation Ceramics Wall for Furnaces

    Energy-saving solution and environmental improvement for various industrial furnaces

    High thermal insulation ceramics wall called “THERMOTECT WALL” is a unique wall structure which has both high heat resistance and high thermal insulation in the furnace, and it contributes to energy-savings for each type of industrial furnace.

    Product Name


  • Ceramics molding agent for 3D printers

    Ceramics molding agent for 3D printers

    It is Ceramics Molding Agent for binder jetting type of 3D Printers. It is optimal for metal casting molds that require of the shape retention in high temperature.

    Product Name



    Ceramics molding agent

  • Ceramics Beads

    Artificial beads with high strength, high thermal conductivity and chemical stability

    Alumina-zirconia artificial beads have excellent strength, thermal conductivity, and chemical stability, optimal for casting sand and blasting media.

    Product Name


  • Sputtering targets

    Providing conductive ceramics that can be used to develop compositions to realize various functional films and efficient film deposition

    We offer sputtering targets in planer and cylindrical shapes for display glass, on the basis of our technology of fine ceramics material development.

    Product Name

    Sputtering targets


    Optical thin film for display-related / Film for index matching for touch panel / Anti-reflecting film / Alkaline-resistant film / ND filter film for digital camera

  • Engineering Ceramics

    Structural material with high strength and excellent heat, corrosion, and abrasion resistance

    It has been adopted with high reliability for steel and non-steel applications, and will be offered for mobility and energy-related applications in the future.

    Product Name

    Engineering Ceramics