Brand statement

Our brand statement, “Your Dreams, Our Challenge”,
was created as a core focus for communication by the AGC Group.

Never take the easy way out, but confront difficulties
Trust is the best way to inspire people
Strive to develop technologies that will change the world
A sense of mission leads us to advance

For more than a century,
AGC has been guided by these founding spirits.
Our unique materials,
solutions and reliable partnerships have facilitated leading innovations
across diverse industries and markets.

Today, by working with others to combine knowledge and advanced technology,
we help make ever greater achievements possible, and bring bolder ideas to life.

Your Dreams, Our Challenge

Putting the “Your Dreams, Our Challenge” philosophy into practice

Your Dreams, Our Challenge—These words are my inspiration.

Cynthia van Vroenhoven
Business Developer WAVETHRU & FINEO for the NL market
AGC Glass Europe, Netherlands-Belgium

My task is to introduce the revolutionary technologies developed by AGC’s WAVE Team (mainly WAVETHRU) and FINEO Team into the Dutch market.

For the past 20 years, I have actively introduced AGC’s latest innovations to players in the real estate development market, including developers, architects, housing companies, and building management firms. I am constantly alert to feedback from the market, and am I always trying to match needs with optimal solutions based on innovations offered by AGC. I am proud that my work has contributed significantly to the creation of a future in which homes and offices will be more sustainable.

FINEO is an excellent example. Sustainability has become a key priority for housing companies and homeowners because of soaring electric power and heating costs. FINEO vacuum glazing is an easy way to reduce those costs. Everyone who has chosen FINEO has been very pleased with the results.

The same is true of WAVETHRU. A major problem affecting buildings in recent years is the fact that improvements in thermal insulation reduce wireless connectivity for 2G, 3G, 4G, and 5G devices. AGC’s talented WAVE team has developed a solution for this issue in the form of the WAVETHRU treatment for windows. When applied to specific windows, this technology enhances workplace convenience by allowing all radio waves to pass through building facades.

I see myself as a kind of cheerleader for AGC’s innovation teams. I receive a lot of feedback from the market expressing satisfaction with and gratitude for AGC solutions. We will continue to provide optimized answers for various problems affecting modern society. I feel very proud that I am able to help people to achieve happiness by improving the quality and sustainability of their workplaces and homes. I hope to work for AGC for many years to come, and I look forward to gaining further personal growth through my work.

We will continue to help society and individuals to realize their dreams.

Aslama Isnaeni
Power Plant Division
Power Generation Department
P.T. Asahimas Chemical

Our clients are polyvinyl chloride (PVC) manufacturers. Our long-term mission is to contribute to the growth and success of the entire AGC Group by helping PVC manufacturers to find solutions to various problems. My own role is to ensure that the quality of AGC’s PVC products is optimal from the safety and environmental protection perspectives, and to inform people about AGC’s PVC products by providing support within and outside of the AGC Group.

Our clients in the PVC manufacturing industry aim to benefit society through their products, so by working with PVC manufacturers, we also contribute to the creation of an enhanced social environment. As a unique chemical manufacturer in Indonesia, we have a responsibility to provide customer satisfaction by supplying top quality products, and to earn the trust of society by maintaining safe, motivational working environments and environment-friendly manufacturing processes.

Our first priority is to address the climate change problem, which could have a major impact on society and people’s lives in the future. We will fulfill our responsibilities toward a sustainable society and the environment by reducing our CO2 emissions through the ASC Factory Program. A major focus for my own efforts is the exploration of ways to use energy more efficiently. I firmly believe that we can overcome any difficulty by continually learning about manufacturing processes and technologies, by taking up creative challenges, and by offering improvements for the future.

Your Dreams, Our Challenge—This brand statement strengthens my motivation toward my day-to-day work activities. I am constantly aware that my own activities contribute to the realization of dreams for society and individuals. I will continue to improve my knowledge and skills so that I can provide the best possible support to my team.

We will continue to explore new technologies to meet the need for change in the CASE era.

Chris Imeson
Group Leader, Ypsilanti Automotive Research & Development,
AGC Automotive Americas

“Carmakers are constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible. The CASE era brings an entirely new set of challenges: integrating camera, LiDAR, and radar systems to see what is on the road ahead, and to enable autonomous driving. At AGC Automotive we dive into the physics and chemistry, developing sustainable solutions with a first principles approach. This has led AGC to develop an entirely new formulation of glass that is capable of allowing sensing systems to see the world efficiently through our glass for the first time. We embrace our customers’ challenges and are constantly exploring multiple industries for new materials and processes that can be adapted to glass applications to reduce our carbon footprint and VOCs within our manufacturing sites.

It may be a little longer before we see flying cars, but with AGC automotive working in lockstep with carmakers, you can be sure that safe autonomous cars are just around the corner.”

We are helping to build a better future by tackling difficult challenges.

Kohei Horiuchi
Processing Group 3
Process Technology Department
Technology Development Division
Electronics Company

Our mission in the Technology Development Division of the Electronics Company is to contribute to the creation of new products and value in electronics-related markets, and the realization of a sustainable society through the development of unique technologies. My own work involves the development of manufacturing technologies and innovative processes for globally significant new products used in next-generation telecommunications.

We obviously face many difficult challenges as we work to develop manufacturing and mass-production technologies for new products. However, I gain enjoyment from my day-to-day work by remaining focused on customer satisfaction, by thinking deeply about the phenomena that we encounter, and by taking the initiative in creating an environment in which I can work closely with my colleagues. I am convinced that our relentless efforts to overcome difficult challenges will allow us to fulfill the needs and hopes of our customers, while building a brighter future for AGC. That is our challenge as one team.