Measures to Prevent Misconduct in Research and Properly Manage Public Research Funds

“Guidelines for Supervision and Auditing of Public Research Funds at Research Institutions” / “Guidelines for Responding to Misconduct in Research” by Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT)

1. Responding to Guidelines for Management and Audit of Public Research Funds (performance criteria), and Guidelines for Misconduct in Research

With the growing number of misuse of public research funds and misconduct in research highlighted as social problems, more strict management is required for the research funds of public solicitation allocated by MEXT or independent administrative institutions under the jurisdiction of MEXT.
AGC commits to comply with “Guidelines for Responding to Misconduct in Research” established by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) and to respond appropriately.

(1) Policy and responsibility system diagram

2. Consultation and contact

If you have any information on misconduct in research or inappropriate management of public research funds related to persons related to AGC Group, please contact us at the following address.

Operation Management Office for Public Research Funds

Telephone 03-3218-5249
Sealed document 1-5-1, Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-8405 JAPAN
Person in charge of public research funds, Planning Division, Technology General Division, AGC Inc.

(1) Subject of use

It is available to employees and executives at AGC, and persons who have a relationship in the course of business with AGC (employees at article delivery company, and persons dispatched to AGC from personnel dispatching company, etc.)

(2) Consultation and contact with a real name

As it is difficult to adequately respond in the case of not using a real name, please use your real name to the extent possible for the consultation. Even in the case of the consultation with a real name, we protect anonymity in responding to them. Additionally, we will act so that there is no detrimental handling as a result of consultation.
We will give feedback such as notification of contact receipt and investigation results, etc. for those who make a consultation with a real name.

(3) Anonymous consultation and contact

We also receive anonymous consultations. However, in the case of anonymous consultation and contact, please note that response to the details of the consultation and contact is difficult unless sufficient information is provided.
Especially in the case of anonymous consultation related to a violation, please provide information specifically to the extent possible, taking the following (1) to (4) into consideration.

  • Period and frequency of violation
  • Name of related divisions and related persons
  • Relation of fact (including a distinction of experience/hearsay)
  • Issues

(4) Guarantee of anonymity

We will act so that anonymity is protected in the case of conducting a survey, etc.
Please note names are in principle disclosed to the head administrative officer (general manager of Technology General Division), control supervisory managers (general manager of Planning Division, Technology General Division), Operation Management Office for Public Research Funds, and Compliance Committee.
*Compliance Committee
Chairperson : Corporate executive officer at AGC appointed by the CEO of the AGC Group
Member : General managers of Corporate Planning Division, Finance and Control Division, General Affairs Division, Legal Division, Internal Audit Division, Human Resource Division and Procurement & Logistics Division at AGC

(5) Details of consultation and contact

Notifying a report simply for the purpose of slander, and fallacious information is prohibited. In the case of identifying a malicious accusation, please note that it may be subject to name disclosure, disciplinary punishment, and criminal prosecution.