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AGC’s Lacobel Plume Wins Good Design Award 2017

AGC Asahi Glass ("AGC": Registered Company Name: Asahi Glass Co., Ltd.; Headquarters: Tokyo; President & CEO: Takuya Shimamura) has won the Good Design Award 2017 for Lacobel Plume, its lightweight painted glass for interior use.

A judge made the following comments: "Using glass as an interior finishing material on walls has not widely penetrated the Japanese market yet, but if measures to prevent cracks and scattering are successfully adopted, it will become an interior finishing material with a beautiful texture. Owing to its adhesion to resin, this product has ensured a 60% reduction in weight and the safety property of anti-scattering while expanding the potential of glass as an interior finishing material. Another appealing fact is that it can be installed not only by glass suppliers but also by general interior decorators and DIY enthusiasts. I would like to see the development of products with even better textures based on valuing the sense of depth that only glass possesses."

AGC's Lacobel painted glass for interior use is a brand with top market share in Europe, and was launched in Japan in 2013. As it expands the possibilities of space design with chic and luxurious color tones ranging from classic to modern, it is used in various places where design is a priority, such as fashion brand stores and corporate office entrances. However, since it weighs more than 12 kg per square meter, it could only be handled by specialist glass installers and was not widely used for residential purposes. Lacobel Plume, which AGC launched in January 2017, is based on the aspiration that "Japanese houses should be fashionable, so we would like glass that adds a touch of class to be used as an interior finishing material." While maintaining the chic and luxurious color of Lacobel, AGC has achieved a 60% weight reduction by reducing the thickness of the glass and combining it with resin.

As this product is lightweight and easy to handle, it is easy to stick to wall surfaces, and it can be handled not only by specialist glass installers but also general interior decorators. Furthermore, as it is attached completely to resin on the surface of walls, it will resist scattering even when the glass is broken and is therefore highly safe.
AGC will continue to contribute to the creation of new spaces where good design is required by making use of its global product development.

For reference

Features of Lacobel Plume

Features of Lacobel Plume

Manufacturer's suggested reference design price for Lacobel Plume

Product name Manufacturer's suggested reference design price
Lacobel Plume ¥14,000/m2~

The price is the suggested manufacturer's reference design price (excluding tax) only for standard-sized materials. Please ask the vendor separately about prices that include cutting and processing costs, construction costs, delivery costs, consumption tax, etc.

Examples of Lacobel Plume lineup (16 colors in total)

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