September 11, 2018Management

AGC and NOMURA Conclude Collaborative Business Agreement

Start of joint product development to create greater demand for glass in the interior market

AGC (Headquarters: Tokyo; President: Takuya Shimamura) and NOMURA (Headquarters: Tokyo, President: Shuji Enomoto) have concluded an agreement to conduct business alliance, with the goal of creating and accelerating business expansion of glass products in the interior market, such as commercial facilities and offices. Based on this agreement, both companies will engage in the joint development of functional interior glass, from here on.

With the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics in sight, there are expectations for an upcoming increase in the number of new construction and renovation projects for commercial facilities in Japan. The demand for office space renovation is also growing as companies strive to achieve work style reforms.
AGC is a leading company in the field of architectural glass, while NOMURA is a leader in space design. These two companies will work together to respond to requests for “more convenient and more comfortable spaces” in renovation projects, while creating new demand for glass products in the interior market. Through the following initiatives and under the concept of “GLASSMART,” derived from “GLASS + SMART + ART” (glass + technology + space design), AGC and NOMURA will aim to propose new space experiences and new products beyond current imagination from the word of “glass”.
(1) Joint development of functional interior glass
AGC’s technology and NOMURA’s creativity will be combined for the collaborative development of new products to bring about never-before-seen innovations in the future of space design, with the intention to continually release new products to the market starting in 2019.

(2) Implementation of joint projects
Both companies will jointly offer innovative space design proposals to revitalization projects in Japan which can bring new values to regional resources and cultures from the perspectives of both business and space design.

(3) Joint production of a Concept Book for future space
AGC and NOMURA are involved in the collaborative production of a Concept Book entitled “The Coming of Future Spaces: Breaking Past the Boundaries of Glass.” This publication will contain proposals of functional spaces for future commercial facilities and offices, incorporating elements such as multi-functional noiseless design in harmony with surrounding spaces, measures for overall spaces becoming communication tools, and “variable spaces” which can change their characteristics instantly, and new experience in spaces with glass.

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