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AGC to Open a‘Deep Thinking Space’at its Headquarters to Improve Employee Productivity and Creativity

Collaboration with 'Think Lab,' Workspaces that Study the Science of Mental Focus

AGC (Headquarters: Tokyo; President: Takuya Shimamura) has established a new focusing space for its staff at AGC Headquarters in Chiyoda, Tokyo through a joint collaboration with “Think Lab1,”workspaces that study the science of mental focus” developed by JINS Inc. (Headquarters: Tokyo; Founder & CEO: Hitoshi Tanaka).
In order to realize “Vision 2025,” the long-term management strategy AGC announced in February 2016, the company has been implementing a growth strategy that includes strategic business expansion while also focusing efforts on a variety of operational reforms aimed at maximizing the strengths of individual workers. Other efforts to date include the introduction of a work-at-home program that removes limits on childcare and home care, as well as flextime with no set core time hours. AGC has also developed “Smart Logger2,” an app that analyzes the dynamics of employees via devices such as smartwatches and smartphones. The company also launched a collaboration with JINS MEME3, an eyeglass-fashioned wearable device developed by JINS that monitors the wearer’s focus and drowsiness levels, thereby enabling work activities to be visualized and made more efficient.
AGC’s most recent initiative, a collaboration with Think Lab, has resulted in establishing a new ‘Deep Thinking Space’ at AGC headquarters that draws on Think Lab’s extensive know-how.

This Deep Thinking Space employs a variety of innovative approaches to enhance mental focus. These include the use of high-resolution sound to create an “environment that promotes focus” as well as Japanese Cypress and citrus aromas to create “conditions that help people enter a state of mental focus.” The realization of such an optimal focusing space is expected to boost both the productivity and creativity of staff.

To realize its long-term management strategy, “Vision 2025,” the AGC Group is committed to becoming a ‘company whose competitive edge is its workforce’ by continuing to focus efforts on work style reform.

― Notes ―

1: A membership workspace opened by JINS in December 2017 as an “ever-evolving workspace that aims to be the best focusing space in the world.”
2: A tool that analyzes the working hours of plant and office workers via smartwatches, smartphones, smartglasses, or similar devices. It is useful in boosting profitability and competitiveness by utilizing analysis results to promote working style improvement.
3: An eyeglass-fashioned wearable device that estimates the potential of wearer focus and drowsiness from blinking frequency/intensity and posture. It uses a three-point ocular sensor developed by JINS to measure potential change based on eye movement, and a six-axis sensor (acceleration, gyro) to measure the wearer’s posture.

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■About AGC
AGC (registered as “AGC Inc.”), the core company of the AGC Group, operates in approximately 30 countries and regions worldwide. The AGC Group is a solution provider that supplies architectural, automotive and display glass, electronic components, chemicals, ceramics and other high-tech materials to customers throughout the world. The group as a whole employs some 50,000 people worldwide and generates annual sales of approximately 1.5 trillion Japanese yen. Drawing on technological innovation built up through over 100 years of experience, the AGC Group is a leading provider of cutting-edge technology. For more information on the AGC group, please visit the website.

■About Think Lab
Think Lab opened in December 20017 as an “ever-evolving workspace that aims to be the best focusing space in the world.” Think Lab provides a way to work that produces the optimal conditions for better productivity, based on scientific-evidence based research on optimal mental-focusing environments led by a preventive medicine researcher, Mr. Yoshiki Ishikawa.
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