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Monolithic Refractory Product Brands Renamed to THERVEK

AGC Plibrico Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Tokyo; President and CEO: Motohiko Ishibashi), a group company of AGC (Headquarters: Tokyo; President: Takuya Shimamura) will rename its monolithic refractory1 product brands to THERVEK from July 2019. The monolithic refractory is used for product facilities in key materials industries, mainly steel, cement, and petrochemicals.
AGC Plibrico was founded in 1954 as the first supplier of monolithic refractories in Japan. For a long time, its monolithic refractory products have been known by names prefixed with “PLI,” such as PLICAST and PLIGUN. These monolithic refractory products have been widely used to protect furnace shells2 in many facilities and plants in industries such as steel, cement, and petrochemicals.

To further strengthen these brands and promote their global production and sales in future, existing monolithic refractory brands will be renamed to THERVEK. THERVEK expresses AGC Plibrico's proactive attitude to contributing to customers' needs and problem solving by offering Value supported by Experience and Knowledge (VEK) to customers in the thermal (THER) field. PLICAST, AGC Plibrico's key monolithicrefractory, will be renamed to THERVEKC, and PLIGUN will be renamed to THERVEKG. They will be developed into even more trustworthy brands.

Under its AGC plus management policy, the AGC Group has made a commitment to create products that add various 'pluses' for stakeholders. Pluses for society include 'safety', 'security', and 'comfort', while pluses for customers include 'new value' and 'functionality'. AGC is dedicated to leveraging the technical strengths it has built up and refined through years of experience with ceramics to continue develop and provide environmentally friendly solutions.

*1 Monolithic refractory: The name for powdered or clayey refractories used when complex structures are necessary.
*2 Furnace shell: The steel structure forming a furnace.


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About AGC Plibrico Co., Ltd.
AGC Plibrico was the first company to introduce monolithic refractories to Japan. As an industry pioneer, AGC Plibrico designs furnace walls for industrial furnaces and apparatus in a diverse variety of fields, such as steel, cement, petrochemicals, environment, and power generation. As a fire and thermal solution provider, AGC Plibrico provides one-stop products and services to customers. Capital: 360 million yen, employees: 200.
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