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AGC Establishes Original Data Scientist Training Program “Data Science Plus”

Contributing to smart manufacturing processes

AGC Inc.(AGC), a world-leading manufacturer of glass, chemicals and high-tech materials, has established an original data scientist training program called “Data Science Plus”. Through a combination of practical experience and classroom learning, AGC plans on using this program to develop more than 50 high-level data scientists by 2022, selecting from group employees all over the world to receive this training.

In recent years, knowing how to effectively utilize the expansive amount of complex big data found in companies has become ever more important for maintaining competitiveness. As such, the value of “data scientists”, those who solve business problems through the utilization of data, is increasing. In the material manufacturing industry, there is a vast amount of data related to the development, manufacturing, and business processes, but since these processes are developed independently, in addition to learning theory, data scientists also need to be familiar with the processes themselves.

In light of these circumstances, AGC has developed its own original data scientist training program, called “Data Science Plus”. After taking the introductory, fundamental, and advanced data scientist courses, students go on to study at AGC’s Innovative Technology Laboratories for anywhere from six months to two years. This in-house study period at the laboratories gives students the systematic knowledge and experience required for the material manufacturing industry, bringing specific issues to bear in each department and allowing them to gain valuable experience in everything from drafting to practical implementation. After that, they return to their department and work on solving a wide range of issues using data analysis, including quality prediction, anomaly detection, mathematical programming, and optimization of manufacturing conditions, as well as play an important role in promoting data utilization in their department.

This year, a first-year data scientist who completed the entirety of this program and finished the study period at the Innovative Technology Laboratories developed an automated inspection system using AI in-house. Using this system, which has already been introduced into the glass manufacturing process, defects can be extracted and identified from image data acquired in real time, contributing to improved product quality. Additionally, a total of 1,000 students have already taken the introductory to advanced courses for this program. Moving forward, AGC will further enhance this system so that we can make the most of data science in each of our businesses.

Under the management policy AGC plus, the AGC Group will continue to realize “Smart AGC”, which uses digital technology to transform business processes. Utilizing big data for all operations, including manufacturing, R&D, and sales, we aim to provide new added value to customers while also improving the efficiency of our operations.

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