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AGC Wins GOOD DESIGN AWARD 2019 for WAVEATTOCH, its Glass Antenna that Adds Cellular Base Station Functions to Windows

AGC (Headquarters: Tokyo; President: Takuya Shimamura) has announced that it has won the "Good Design Award 2019" for WAVEATTOCH, its glass antenna that adds cellular base station* functions to Windows.

To prepare for the upcoming 5G era, there has been strong demand from mobile phone carriers for antennas that will allow them to increase the number of wireless base stations in areas where maintaining the area's appearance is a factor. In response, AGC created WAVEATTOCH, a glass antenna that adds cellular base station capabilities to windows, which completed development in 2018 and was launched for sale in 2019.
AGC is also planning to complete the development of 5G glass antennas sometime in 2019.
Judges of the Good Design Award commented, "When envisioning the 5G era, we can see how important it will be to add more antenna base stations. AGC is actually planning and developing products that emphasize stylish design in response to the growing cases where antenna installation is denied for reasons of maintaining the area's aesthetics. This is an effective solution that allows a highly transparent glass antenna to be attached the indoor side of building glass to transmit radio waves outside. If these glass antennas can be installed wherever possible as a single glass panel to reduce overall clutter, including wiring technology, they will provide an ideal design that is unobtrusive from both the inside and outside of buildings."

WAVEATTOCH was also selected in another Good Design Award related project for the "My Choice" category in an exhibition plan that introduces award-winning designs that are the favorites of the 92 Good Design judges.

Under its long-term management strategy, "Vision 2025," the AGC Group has positioned mobility and electronics business as key strategic business areas. AGC views 5G as a significant business opportunity, and plans to continue developing and proposing products that support the expansion of the next-generation of high-speed communications.

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*Base stations that create a small service area within the area of a regular base station, installed mainly in high-traffic areas.

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