November 19, 2020R&D

AGC Opens New R&D Building

Unveils open innovation space called "AO"

AGC Inc.(AGC), a world-leading manufacturer of glass, chemicals and high-tech materials, has announced that it has completed a new R&D building at the AGC Yokohama Technical Center (Tsurumi-ku, Yokohama) at a total cost of approximately 20 billion yen. In the research building, a collaborative creation space called "AO (AO/AGC OPEN SQUARE)" has been established to accelerate internal and external collaboration. It will open on November 19, 2020.

Entrance area of the new research building Entrance area of the new research building
AGC is a materials manufacturer engaged in a wide range of businesses, including Electronics, Chemicals, and Ceramics, in addition to the Glass business on which it was founded. Over the 113 years since its establishment, AGC has combined various technologies cultivated in a range of fields and has provided new functions and value to people's lives together with the leading companies of the times.
As the speed of social change becomes faster and faster, materials development also needs to accelerate to keep pace. Against this backdrop, in 2018, AGC began construction of the new research building with the following two goals based on a concept of “a place for seamless internal and external integration, response, and collaboration.”

1) Significantly improve the speed of R&D through the consolidation and integration of the R&D functions related to basic technology, new products, processes, and facility technology, which had previously been dispersed in two locations

2) Create new business fields and new value by establishing a collaboration place to work with other companies and research institutions, together with laboratories to develop AGC’s unique basic technologies

In the newly completed research building, in addition to the AGC-only area (SECURITY ZONE), a collaborative space "AO (AO/AGC OPEN SQUARE)" has been established as a place to accelerate collaboration with external partners such as clients, academia, and venture companies. Aiming to expand business and maximize value for visitors, we have established the following four facilities based on the concepts of "CONNTECT", "CREATE", and "MATERIALIZE".
The AGC Group will promote technological innovation to provide products and solutions that satisfy customers and add new value through internal and external collaboration under its AGC plus management policy.

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