April 12, 2021Management

AGC to Implement Organizational Reform of its Architectural Glass Business

AGC (Headquarters: Tokyo; President: Yoshinori Hirai) has announced that it will reorganize its architectural glass business as of July 1, 2021.

1. Purpose
Starting the globally integrated management of the architectural glass business in 2002, AGC has achieved results as it launched businesses in emerging regions and added further value to its advanced technologies and products through global operations.
However, the business environment surrounding the architectural glass business has changed drastically, causing great regional differences in its market and business environment. AGC has determined that it needs to precisely capture customer needs in each region and ensure agile decision-making and value improvement measures in order to improve the profitability and asset efficiency, which are priority issues for the architectural glass business.
Consequently, AGC has decided to divide the management unit of the architectural glass business.
Under the medium-term management plan AGC plus-2023 announced in February this year, AGC has set the improvement of profitability and asset efficiency of the business as one of priority issues and launched a structural reform project led by the CFO, which has commenced study and discussions on structural reform measures with a view to industrial reorganization.
2. Overview
The Building & Industrial Glass Company will be divided into the Architectural Glass Europe & Americas Company and the Architectural Glass Asia Pacific Company. The Architectural Glass Europe & Americas Company consists of the Europe General Division, the North America General Division, and the South America General Division. The Architectural Glass Asia Pacific Company consists of the Japan General Division and the Asia Pacific General Division.
Under the medium-term management plan AGC plus-2023, the AGC Group strives on its business portfolio reform to achieve asset efficiency improvement. The Group will create social and economic value on a continuous basis by swiftly adapting itself to the changing business environment and further pursuing the portfolio-based management.
Kazumi Tamaki, General Manager, Corporate Communications & Investor Relations Division
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