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AGC Si-Tech Launches Integrated Silica Product Brand RESIFATM

– Expanding Eco-friendly Silica Products such as Microplastic Substitutes –

AGC (AGC Inc., Head Quarters: Tokyo, President: Yoshinori Hirai), a world-leading manufacturer of glass, chemicals and high-tech materials, announces that its 100% subsidiary, AGC Si-Tech Co., Ltd. (Head Quarters: Fukuoka Prefecture; President: Takashi Yukoshi), which manufactures and sells silica products, has launched a new integrated brand RESIFATM for its silica products.

Concept of the new brand RESIFATM

REcycle (to circulate nature) + SIlica (with silica) + FAcilitate (contributing to the realization of Customers’ dreams)

Silica exists in nature in various forms, and it is said that approximately 60% of the Earth's surface layer is composed of minerals that contain silica. Silica is attracting attention as a material that contributes to the reduction of environmental risk since it is a material that originally exists in nature. In particular, it is expected to be used as an alternative for microplastics*, which are concerned to have impact on the ecosystems when they are discharged into the ocean. Furthermore, silica is also used in pharmaceutical production, and in recent years, it has been utilized in the partial purification of COVID-19 vaccine, thereby contributing to solving various social issues as well as environmental issues.
As a professional in the silica business for over 70 years, AGC Si-Tech offers silica products suitable for various applications including cosmetics, industry, and pharmaceutical production, such as SUNSPHERETM used for giving a light and smooth feeling to cosmetics, and M.S.GELTM used for separation and purification to extract active ingredients for pharmaceutical applications. In addition, AGC Si-Tech is developing new products to meet diverse needs, including products to achieve the moist tactile sensation of microplastics with SUNSPHERETM.
Against this backdrop, AGC Si-Tech has launched RESIFATM, an integrated brand for silica products, to promote the eco-friendliness of its silica products and its extensive product lineup. While the product brands of existing silica products such as SUNSPHERETM will remain as is, RESIFATM will become the integrated brand that unites the AGC Si-Tech's silica product lineup and will promote further development of its silica business.
The AGC Group has set the initiative of “promoting sustainability management” as one of the key strategies in its medium-term management plan, AGC plus-2023 , and is committed to contributing to solving social issues through materials innovation. The Group will continue to earnestly pursue the potential of silica and contribute to the realization of a sustainable global environment through the expansion of silica products that help to reduce environmental risk.


*Microplastics: Microplastic particles of 5mm or less in size. There are particular concerns about the adverse effects on ecosystems and human health caused by the discharge of microplastics into the oceans.


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