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AGC Builds and Launches “ChatAGC,” an In-House Conversational AI Tool

- Established a project to explore the use of generative AI aiming to foster creative work environments -

AGC (Headquarters: Tokyo; President: Yoshinori Hirai), a world-leading manufacturer of glass, chemicals, and high-tech materials, has announced that it has built a conversational AI tool called “ChatAGC” and launched its full-scale operation for employees in June 2023. Developed using Microsoft’s Azure OpenAI Service*, “ChatAGC” is an in-house conversational AI built to enable employees to use chat AI safely and securely in their work.

By proactively utilizing generative AI, AGC aims to drive innovation in materials, improve the work efficiency of its employees, and create an environment in which they can focus more on creative activities, thereby providing better products and services to customers and society.

A feature of “ChatAGC” is that it has the same conversational functions as ChatGPT, but can be used without sending the information input to external parties. Thus, unlike ChatGPT, data cannot be used for secondary purposes, but is stored only in the AGC network (environment) for use only by AGC employees.

Comparison of ChatGPT and ChatAGC




Secondary use of data

In principle used secondarily

Not used secondarily

Storage of data

Stored externally (in the US)

Not stored externally

Inspection and monitoring of data


Not implemented

Access restrictions

Unrestricted. Available to anyone.

Can be used only by authorized AGC employees

Furthermore, AGC has launched the “Generative AI Exploration Project” In conjunction with the start of ChatAGC. The project team consists of selected members from each department. And as a company-wide initiative, it searches for ways to utilize generative AI in AGC, develop a safe environment for its use, and provide know-how on its utilization internally.

The AGC Group has set “Competitiveness enhancement through accelerated digital transformation” as one of the three strategic pillars of its medium-term management plan AGC plus-2023 . By utilizing digital technology, the Group seeks not only to improve operational efficiency and reduce costs, but also to strengthen its competitive foundation as a materials manufacturer and to create economic and social value through innovation.

*A corporate service provided by Microsoft with technology from OpenAI, an organization that develops AI.



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